Outdoor pleasures  

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9/13/2005 9:52 am

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Outdoor pleasures

on the island, there are a lot of nature walks, glens, woodland, and secluded beaches, which makes for an interesting and varied love life! A few weekends ago we took a walk down an old victorian glen, that has a minature steam railway (now restored and in use in the summer) taking you down to the cliffs.

We started at the top of the glen and had a good hour walk in the spring sunshine, down through the glen, with birds and the stream bubbling alongside us, keeping us company along the way. At the end of the glen you can either go down to the beach or take the track up to the cliffs, we chose the latter and walked along the railway tracks (a la stand by me) to the cliff tops.

Most people stop here as there is an old victorian seal pen (an artificial pen built by the victorians across a small glen cut into the cliffs), but we carried on up the small glen so a lovely waterfall and stopped for our picnic. It was lovely and peaceful, looking out onto the clear blue sea, beautiful sunshine and a sparkling waterfall.... it seemed so romantic so we reached across for each other and we were soon kissing each other deeply, sucking on her tongue as her breathing got heavier.

Then with a horny look she pushed me back on the blanket, whipped my belt off my jeans (she loves doing that) and bent down to give me a blow job. It was glorious, the sun was shining in my face, the breeze playing with my hair, the waterfall gurgling away next to us, and a feeling of intense pleasure in my loins as she focussed on my delight.

I was close to coming, so I got up, undid her jeans and eased them down over her hips, and I could see immediately how wet she was. I placed my cock against her pussy and enjoyed the warm wet feeling for a moment, before slowly sliding in my full length, she came almost straight away, ...very loudly! (She like the thought of being watched while we're making love, and I think the noise was in part to attract the attention of anyone who may have been coming up the glen!).

I came soon after (although not as loudly) and we lay next to each other, holding each other, kissing, and laughing in the sun). As we headed back, we passed an older couple and a group of students at the seal pens, it felt so good walking in the sunshine and basking in that post coital afterglow....

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