My first time..... (but not my last)  

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9/12/2005 6:09 am

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My first time..... (but not my last)

I was 15, and had just started a saturday job at a local supermarket, but I'm tall and muscular so I looked older. One of the till girls asked me to walk her home through the park after the pub one Summer's evening - it was a clear and cloudless night, we kissed and then lay in the long cool grass.

We both got naked, she undressing us both and I was soooo horny, so when she went down on me I exploded into her mouth almost straight away - I was so embarassed but she just thought it was really funny.

She put her blouse back on and we carried on kissing and fondling and when I was hard again she just smiled and without saying a word she just climbed on top of me, sliding down slowly, I couldn't beleive how wet she was, nor how good she felt, it was like warm velvet being firmly wrapped around my shaft.

I still remember her looking down at me, a playful smile on her lips, with her blouse hanging open, and her gorgeous breasts bouncing, pale in the moonlight, guided between her arms as she held herself upright with her hands on my chest. And when she finally came she threw her head back, mouth open, letting out a long slow moan, and the stars in the sky seemed to shine through her wild hair as it framed her face. It was beautiful, and I came again.

She was married, and we never spoke about it again, that's the sad part, but I still think of it, even now, despite all the experiences I've had since.

Anyone else have a particularly good memory of their first time?

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