Masturbation Fantasy?  

rm_byron1724 53M
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5/3/2006 2:43 am
Masturbation Fantasy?

Must admit, when I'm masturbating, even with my lover there kissing and caressing my balls, my mind sometimes wanders off to some of the other lovers in my life, and the horny things we did. Ocassionally I'll think about some stranger, or a friend, but mostly its about reliving past experiences which really turned me on.

How about you, what in the main really gets you off whilst making yourself cum (or even when someone else is making you cum)?

Do you mainly think about:-
your current lover, and what they are doing to you right now!
what you did with your current lover last week / month / year
what you would like to do with your current lover (and maybe a few friends! :) )
horny experiences with previous lovers (the time you had sex over the pool table)
fantasies about friends or people you know (work colleagues, your neighbour's wife)
fantasies about that girl / guy who chatted you up last night in the club
fantasies about complete strangers
fantasies about several complete strangers all having you at the same time
others - do tell!

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