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9/12/2005 10:29 am

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100 things

1. I have a thing for antique furniture
2. my favourite car is an Austin Martin DB6
3. I have an old arts and crafts house that I’m restoring to its former glory
4. My balcony overlooks the sea and I love to go asleep to the sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore
5. I collect antique cameras, I love the beauty in their form and functionality
6. My favourite drink is Drabuie, with two cubes of ice (any more drowns the flavour)
7. Whiskey tastes better out of a crystal glass
8. I drive too fast
9. Sometimes I party too hard
10. I find beautiful women hard to resist
11. I flirt outrageously
12. I’ve never cheated on a partner
13. I love going down on a woman
14. I love it when my woman gets that horny look in her eye, especially when we are outdoors
15. I never refuse her
16. I love having wild sex
17. I enjoy buying gifts for friends and family
18. I find it extremely arousing when a woman buys me gifts
19. I love exploring new places and when on holiday I only lie on the beach if I’m hung over
20. I love the sun road that the sun’s reflection carves into the sea
21. I’ve danced the tango on a deserted jetty at 5am to the music of a nearby club
22. I’ve made love to my dance partner on that same jetty a little later
23. I’ve made love in a cinema during the start of the Matrix reloaded
24. I enjoy shopping for clothes
25. I own far too many shirts
26. I love to travel
27. I’d like to ski better
28. I prefer a full bush rather than a brazilian, but I love a girl in a bikini!
29. I was painfully shy as a teenager and declined a huge amount of offers of sex from women
30. I went to an all boys school and was deemed to be cool because all the girls in the neighbouring school fancied me
31. I was terrified of all the girls in the neighbouring school
32. When I was 15 a woman gave me a hand job under the table at a night club.
33. When I was 16 I had blow job from a woman in a telephone booth as I was calling my parents to tell them I’d be late home.
34. My parents thought I was gay because I was so shy with women
35. I never go to bed before midnight, but I’m always up early in the morning
36. I enjoy sex in the morning
37. I enjoy sex at night
38. I enjoy sex during the day too and I sometimes have sex for lunch
39. I’ve had a blow job at my desk, and had the MD’s secretary over the MD’s desk
40. If I can’t be with someone then I have telephone sex with them
41. If I could give myself a blowjob I would
42. I love cooking
43. If I’m eating out I prefer Italian
44. I love it when I girl leaves her boots on when we’re in bed
45. I have very eclectic tastes in music, from Jimi Hendrix to Mozart to Trance
46. I have been in love three times and two of those times I was cheated on
47. I’m still very close friends with all my ex’s and they still call me and take me out for meals or to clubs
48. It took me a long time to trust anyone again
49. Twice in my life I have had more than 5 fuck buddies at the same time, and they all knew about each other before sleeping with me as I didn’t want anyone to get hurt
50. I stopped having several fuck buddies as I found it emotionally draining especially cuddling into a different girl each night and sharing your thoughts and fears
51. I love women who are confident and who love being women, and who love their men to be men
52. I am confident in myself and I’m usually very laid back and easy going, taking most things in my stride. Its one of the reasons that girls say they find me attractive.
53. I love it when a strong woman gives up control to me in the bedroom
54. I work too many hours
55. Stocking tops make me unfeasibly horny
56. as do long nails drawn slowly across my back
57. I have a Pythonesque sense of humour
58. My favourite film is The last of the Mohicans, and my favourite line in the film is when Daniel Day Lewis says “Stay alive, no matter what occurs. I will find you”
59. My hair is naturally curly, but I wear it short
60. My best feature are my blue eyes, women seem to find them incredibly attractive
61. I enjoy doing things spontaneously
62. Thin ankles are a huge turn on for me, especially on top of high heels
63. I enjoy socialising
64. I also enjoy some quiet times by myself
65. I’m a Libran and consider myself well balanced
66. At school we studied compulsory Latin
67. I love to read books
68. I enjoy porn, but prefer watching it with women
69. I enjoy reading erotic literature (books not magazines), it really gets my imagination going.
70. I love to go on long walks and explore the countryside
71. I have made love in a tree, on top of a substation, in the woods, in the long grass, on a beach, on a boat, in the sea, on a cliff top, next to a waterfall, in fact I love the outdoors
72. I find a woman's smile very arousing
73. A long deep kiss gives me an erection, every time
74. I enjoy horse riding, mainly because I find horses to be amazingly beautiful and calming to touch
75. I find leather erotic, but not whips (unless the girl is dressed in jodphurs, a riding jacket and boots)
76. My glass is half full
77. I love to dance
78. I was 18 before I finally realised that most women enjoyed sex as much as I do, and after that I lost all my inhibitions.
79. I have been kissed by gay men
80. I have considered having sex with a man, but the thought turns me off
81. I go dancing in gay clubs as they play fantastic trance music, and the women who go there are amazing
82. I always get stopped entering a gay club and asked if I'm aware that the club have a relaxed attitude to gender.
83. I'm 6'2" tall, I have broad shoulders and I'm very athletic
84. My shoe size is a UK 10 (US 11.5) and its true what they say
85. I love to dress well and my favourite designers are Paul Smith, Armani and Nicole Farhi
86. I also enjoy having nice watches, my current favourite being a Tag Monaco (designed by Steve McQueen)
87. I am a socialist, with a small "s", as I beleive that society should look after those who are unable to look after themselves, but we should make sure everyone is in a position to help themselves.
88. I have a relaxed attitude towards drugs
89. I do not necessarily believe the media hype about sex n drugs n rock n roll, or if I do, I do not judge
90. The biggest sex organ is the skin, the most reponsive is the clitoris but the best is the brain, you can play with it for hours....
91. I prefer latte in the mornings and expresso in the afternoon
92. I like to walk around the house naked, sometimes I leave the curtains drawn, my neighbour returns the favour when she has a shower and waves to me, but we never discuss our little shows
93. I believe cats are the last of the worlds great movers, and that they share their time with you only if they like you.
94. Dogs are a man's best friend because they give you unconditional love, so don't abuse their trust.
95. I have a real fire, and all my friends fight to sit close to it, especially when its raining outside
96. I love watching thunderstorms, especially out at sea, nature is so powerful and it makes you feel alive to be part of it.
97. Making love naked in the summer rain is almost spiritual
98. I enjoy reading poetry, especially erotic poetry, I enjoy writing it too.
99. My poetry is very sensual and erotic and is always about a specific person or a time we shared together, it is only ever intended to be read by the reciever and only then if it is good enough.
100. I love intelligent, creative and sexual women, but they must be all three....

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9/20/2005 2:54 pm

Words to live by, as usual, Byron!
Thank you.

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

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