Can we all void the assumptions?!  

rm_buyakay2 33M
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5/17/2006 3:56 pm
Can we all void the assumptions?!

I know that the more I assume, the more often I am wrong. I really try, in every aspect of my life, to be open to what I see, hear, and accept. I have met some people I never imagined talking to that have changed my life!

This is so especially important to remember when searching for a new partner. Sometimes people can surprise you, open you, to a new desire you didn't even know you had if you give them a chance to say hello and make eye contact. The big "O" is always important and with someone that you are attracted to, but equally improtant is to learn and grow from the person fucking you. This is a lesson from someone who has fucked plenty of women that never taught me anything and I really believe there is a fine line between caution of regression and assumption, ya know?

tell me about why or why you would talk to me and what you believe each of those options would bring you? I'm excited to hear!

later, and hope you will post a self invitation to the party that starts in November!

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