Part Two....  

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11/30/2005 5:32 pm

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Part Two....

.......I stand up, and take you by the hands. I help you to your feet, supporting your slight unsteadiness, and turned you around to face away from me. You bring your arms up and clasped your hands around my neck, lengthening your lustful body. I let my hands glide over your body again, this time feeling every part of you. My fingers brushed over your nipples, feeling their stiffness, feeling your response. You grind yourself into me, feeling my manhood press against your ass. My hands move downward. My fingers begin to trail down between your thighs again, finding your engorged cl it under my fingertips. I roll it lightly under them, feeling you shake with each stroke. I bring my other hand up to your face, stroking your neck and cheek. My fingers smooth over your lips, and you take one into your wet mouth, sucking on it, biting the tip. I stir against you more, taking pleasure in the erotic sensations. You take my finger into your mouth, sucking on it almost hungrily as my fingers bring you closer to another orgasm. You tremble a bit, and I feel your legs begin to go weak. You erupt again, falling forward against my embrace, shaking as you do so.

When your orgasm subsides, I scoop you up and carry you over to the dining table. A moan of shock escaped your lips. I reach down around your waist and lift you onto the table. An oh escapes your lips as we continue kissing. "Mmm, I've never done it on the table before." you said. "Neither have I." I whisper. I lie down next to you, kissing you again, letting my hands roam freely over your body. Catching your breath, you roll over on top of me, laying your head onto my chest, listening to my heartbeat. You gather yourself quickly, and begin to kiss my body, gently at first, then with increasing fervor. You run you're hands down my body, raking your nails into my skin, making me moan with passion.

Our eyes meet, and you flash a wicked smile at me. You move yourself over my manhood, slowly pressing yourself against it. Your skin feels so soft as you slither yourself over me, nibbling at my nipples, making my breath quiver. You continue down my stomach, kissing it from side to side. I feel your stiff nipples on my thighs, and I move my legs slightly against them, just enough to trigger your response. You wiggle yourself between my thighs, smiling mischievously at me, biting my inner thigh playfully. My manhood is aching now, standing more erect than I can ever remember. It is a tribute to the passion that I feel for you, and the excitement that you make me feel. You run a finger slowly along my underside, making me groan in agony with your touch. I twitch under your light caress, wanting more of it, but being almost helpless by your power. You take me in your hand and slowly move me up and down, caressing me, watching the way I react. As your hand lowers near the bottom, you flick your tongue at me, causing me to shiver. You slowly start to tongue me, languidly licking all of me, taking your time. I feel as though I could pass out, the sensations that you are causing beginning to overwhelm me. You take all of me into your mouth and I let out a groan of passion, breathing heavily. I marvel at your deftness and skill, feeling myself being lost to you. I look down at you, seeing your sensual body lay out before me, pleasuring me, as I haven't been pleasured in such a long time. I reach down and take your slender shoulders in my hands, urging you to release me. I want to feel you. I want to feel your body with mine.. I want to feel your true passion.

You release me reluctantly, and move back over me. I run my hands over your back, feeling your body in my hands. As my fingers trace along your spine, your hips begin to grind against me. I can feel the heat from your body as you rub along my length. I reach down and wrap my hands around your ass, kneading it, pulling you closer. When I do, you moan in pleasure as your cl it is pressed firmly against my erection. I guide your hips up a bit, and you move yourself onto me. We are both almost frozen in place as you lower yourself. I relish the way you feel; the torridity and suppleness of your body. You feel so tight around me, so aroused. We lie still for just a moment, and then begin to move, slowly at first, then with more vigor and purpose. I want to please you so, to bring you to new heights of bliss. I wrap my arms around you, pulling you close to me, feeling your body over mine. I trail a finger down your spine, causing your back to arch under my touch, and let it graze lightly over your ass. I continue between your cheeks, finding you receptive to my touch. I stroke at you lightly; just enough to excite you, sending noticeable shivers up your body. I feel your body begin to tense, and your breathing becoming erratic. I place my hands back onto your hips, moving with your body's own rhythm. You continue to tense, gently squeezing me tighter. You explode with an orgasm that takes your breath away literally, and makes your body shake violently. I place my arms around you and hold you till your quivering subsides, kissing your forehead tenderly.

I raise my erection, and enter you once again. My hip thrusts forward as your hand guides me deep inside of you. I began thrusting into you. My hands are wandering over your body once again. You urge me to go faster and harder. I readily complied. My right hand now finds its way over your hip and under you to your clit. I rubbed my hand against your pubic mound as my cock thrust in and out of you. My finger quickly finds your cl it and I began rubbing small circles around it. "Oh fuck! God damn this is so good!" you swear breathily. Your body loves the way I am treating it. You began to cum easier and more frequently...

Have Fun! Play Safe!

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