Part Three...  

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12/2/2005 3:18 pm

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Part Three...

...You look at me, and I kiss your luscious mouth, tasting my essence on your tongue, marveling in it. I begin to stir beneath you, gently moving within your body. I bring my hands up to your ribs and lift you up so that you are sitting upon me. You can feel me so deeply now, and you squeeze your eyes shut at the intensity of the moment. I fondle your nipples, just firmly enough to cause you to gasp. I stare intently at your beauty as you near the edge again. Your breasts heave as your breath comes rapidly, your mouth slightly agape. I can hold out no longer... I start slamming my cock deep into you. My balls swing freely and I can feel them slapping against the hand playing with your clit. A few more thrust and I feel my cock unloading hot cum deep into your body. I kneel there for a moment, completely exhausted.... You collapse onto my chest as your body releases in a rush of energy the likes you have hardly experienced before. You lie there, catching your breath. Your hair is damp and strewn along my shoulder, your cheeks flushed, your eyes staring dreamily into eternity. I tenderly stroke your arm with my fingertips, causing you to smile and shut your eyes as warm thoughts begin appearing randomly to you. We rest in the spoon position. I hold you tightly. My hands caressing your shoulders and arms. I kiss the back of your head. You let out a few sighs of contentment. We take a short nap. I get down from the table and lean over and kiss you once again. Your body, completely exhausted from so many orgasms, lay almost lifeless. I muster up all of my remaining strength and carry you back to the living room where we lay down near the fire.

It is going to be quite an evening.

Later, with the fire going, I am in the living room sitting on the couch. You return from the kitchen with some wine and sit on the couch with me. We sit and talk, gazing deeply into one another's eyes the entire time. I can't help but notice your soft full lips. Oh, how I want to kiss and suck on them. A long gaze into your eyes and a pause in the conversation affords me the opportunity to lean in for a kiss. You move to meet me. We kiss long, deep, and passionately. I sit my drink down on the coffee table and wrap my arms around you. You follow my lead and soon we are in each other's arms. Caressing one another, exploring each other's bodies. My one hand caresses your back while the other runs through your hair. I pull at it gently causing your head to roll back. This allows me open access to nibble on your neck. Our bodies move in unison as we continued kissing and caressing one another. I reach down with my right hand and part your silky smooth thighs. My hand traces its way up and down their inner surface. I run my hand, palm side flat against your thigh, down from your soft pubic hair to your knee. I now lift my hand so that the fingertips just barely touch you, and bring them ever so slowly back up your thigh. Your body lets out a low moan on the down stroke, and gasps for air on the way back up.

I stand up from the couch and motion for you to roll over on your belly... you comply allowing me full access with your backside. I placed my one knee behind you and the other on the edge of the couch. My hands began massaging your back. You let out moans of approval as my hands work your flesh. I run my hands up and down your back, gently kneading and carressing you. Your back starts to become red from the increased blood flow as your muscles start to relax. I then lean forward and begin deep yet pleasurable kneading movements on your shoulders. Your body continues to relax as well as moan in pleasure. After a while, I lay down on you with my chest pressing against your back. I gently begin nibbling at the back of your neck. We remain in this position, just relaxing and feeling each others body heat for several heavenly moments.

My relaxed, yet excited body wants to explore more of the beautiful woman lying beneath me. So I hold you firmly and roll the both of us from the couch to the floor. When we hit the floor we move closer to the fire and can feel even more of its warmth caressing our bodies.

We begin kissing and caressing one another once again. My hands begin to explore your body. I run my them down to your breast, occasionally squeezing them. My fingers pinch your nipples producing a moan of pleasure mixed with pain. I continue moving my hand down over your belly, to your pubic region. I run my fingers through your soft hair and down your slit. You gaze at me deeply as my finger finds its way into your moist crevice. My finger teases you for a few minutes, occasionally brushing against your clit. I can tell you want more.

You push me to my back and kneel beside me. You lean over, kissed me deeply and then traced your tongue down to my chest and nipples. I take a deep breath as you lick my nipple; it sends a wave of pleasure through me. You raise one leg, and with careful movements position yourself above me. I am now eye to eye with your beautiful pussy. I move my hands up your thighs to your ass as I insert my tongue deep into you. You let out a gasp as you lean forward to suck my cock, feeling a wave of excitement run through your body. At first, I just lick the outer lips. I then point the tip of my tongue at your vaginal opening. I find myself tongue fucking your now wet cunt. In and out my tongue goes, gliding easily due to the mixture of my saliva and your juices. I pause from time to time to suck your juices into my mouth, as if I was a man dying of thirst. You continue working your mouth up and down the length of my shaft.

This is wonderful.

The moment my tongue ring hits your clit, your body becomes rigid and you sit straight up. You can't take it anymore. My eating you has become too pleasurable for you to concentrate on my cock. I continue to tongue fuck you for a few minutes and soon feel your hand on my chin. You traced your finger from my chin to my lips and eventually to your clit. You now play with her clit as I tongue fuck you. This combination is too much for you. You cum quickly. Your body shakes almost violently as you grind yourself onto my face.

Eventually your body stops shaking. My cock continues pointing skyward. I motion for you to mount me. You stand up, turn around, and slowly lower yourself to a crouching position above me. You slowly lower yourself onto me, and I feel my cock glide into your moist cunt. Your ride is slow and deliberate. You place your hands on my chest and lean forward as you raise and lower yourself on me. We both moan with pleasure. I start to feel my balls tightening, the early signs of being ready to cum. You're moaning leads me to believe that you are close also. Your pace quickens, your eyes shut, your head raises, I know you are ready. I want you to cum before me.... I want to feel you pussy contracting around me as I cum..... My demands become more frequent and my words more vulgar, as do your moans. Suddenly you can hold out no longer. Swearing loudly you erupt with violent force into the most powerful orgasm you have ever experienced. The second I feel you cumming I let myself cum also. Expolding inside you as never before. It is incredible! We both collapsed with exhaustion on the floor...

Have Fun! Play Safe!

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