Part Four....  

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12/2/2005 10:54 pm

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Part Four....

....When we regained some strength you get up and head to the shower. You step into the shower to find the temperature was just right, very warm but not scalding, and you luxuriated in the feel of the fine spray on your shoulders, as your neck muscles relax. You arch your back, and step back a little, letting the water soak your hair, run down your face and across your breasts. You reach down for the shampoo, and start massaging it into your hair, working up a fine lather. As you return under the spray to rinse your hair, you suddenly feel my hands on your shoulders. "Mmmm", you sigh, and lean back against my chest, as my hands rub along your shoulders and down your arms. You can feel my hardness against your ass, and wiggle against it playfully as my hands roam up your sides, finally encircling you and moving up to your breasts. I playfully tickle the edges and the undersides, but eventually my fingers find their way to your nipples, which had gotten hard almost at my first touch. I squeeze your nipples as my lips find your neck, and I nibble my way up to your earlobe, nibbling at it rather hard, you jump.

You turn around and our lips meet. I push my tongue inside your mouth, my arms encircle you, and you reach down to touch my hard manhood. You take it in your hand; caressing it gently, rubbing the shaft and moving a finger down to caress my testicles. I arch my back, pushing myself against you as my erection grew harder. You bend over and plant a kiss on the tip. I moan and run my fingers through your hair as the water of the shower rained down around you, and you take my penis into your mouth.

You love the taste of it, and you run your tongue around the head, feeling my flavor in the whole of your mouth before you start to suck on me. Your right hand encircles my shaft, and you begin to rhythmically stroke me in time with the action of your mouth. You feel my excitement grow, as the water runs down your face, and you take more of me into your mouth. You move your hand back to caress my testicles and draw almost my complete shaft into your throat. You generate as much suction as you can, and start to use your mouth to move me in and out, taking my entire length into your throat on the deep stroke. Rhythmically you stroke, faster and faster, and finally with a groan, I reach orgasm. You take me out of your mouth, and let the water of the shower run across my cock to clean it.

I pull you up from your knees and smiling, lift you in my arms and carry you from the shower. I take a large, fluffy bath towel and began to dry your shoulders and work down to your back, putting my arms around you to dry your breasts and stomach. Kneeling, I towel off your legs and feet, and run a teasing finger up the inside of your leg, almost to your sex. You trembled a little at the sensation, and even more as my finger began to trace the inside of your thigh. I move a finger up to gently brush the folds of skin around your vulva, massaging and kneading the tender flesh, and sending shock waves through your body with every motion. Your legs begin trembling, and I pull you down next to me. You lay on your back. I kneel between your legs and lightly lick the inside of your thigh.

You moan, and spread your legs more widely as I lick higher to your vulva, teasing it gently for a second before retreating and licking at your other thigh. You reach your hands down to my hair, and gently stroke my head and caress the muscles of my neck as I blow gently on your clit. I take it into my mouth and suck on it gently, massaging it with my tongue ring causing you to gasp. I pull back and begin to use my tongue in earnest, sometimes quickly, other times slower, moving it vertically or making slow, lazy circles around your clit. I work a quick finger inside of you and penetrate deeply, and move it in and out in the rhythm of my tongue moving against your clitoris. You moan at the feelings that I am inducing in your body, and as they intensify you reach a shattering orgasm, writhing, on the floor.

I look up at you and smile then crawl up your body to lie on top of you. You put your arms around me and luxuriate in my maleness, my smell and the texture of my body on top of yours. Soon you can feel me becoming hard again, and you part your legs to let me enter. I slide in smoothly, and we lay motionless for a moment, enjoying the sensation of your vaginal walls around me. Eventually I start to thrust myself rhythmically into you, moving my hips against yours, and you rise up to meet me on each deep thrust. You put your arms around my back, caressing my muscles and my buttocks, pulling me even more deeply inside of you. My mouth finds yours, not gently, and we savagely kiss, my tongue forcing itself into your mouth in time with my strokes. I groan, and you can feel me starting to spasm inside of you. The sensation brings you to your own orgasm and we cum together, shuddering.

I stay inside of you as we lay together in the afterglow, enjoying the sensations of each others' body, our arms around each other. We lay there for some time until smiling, you push me off of you, giving me one last kiss, and return to the shower ...After your shower you suggest with an evil smile that I go and take a shower before we finish and go to sleep for the night....

When I come back from my shower, I find you lying in bed. As I walk up, you throw back the covers. Instead of the pajamas you had been wearing, your sole adornment is an Amethyst bracelet. By the moistness of your pussy, I can see that you have been warming yourself up for my return.....

Have Fun! Play Safe!

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