Mutual Masterbation....  

rm_bushytail22 34M
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3/7/2006 10:35 pm
Mutual Masterbation....

I've never been one much for the phone, much less phone sex, but I do love mutual masterbation. Years ago, I dated a beautiful little thing who was very uncompromising when it came to her principals. She was a very sensual girl, but refused to lose her virginity. She's the one who introduced me to mutual masterbation.
I had tried it before with other partners, but it kinda seemed like it was just delaying the inevitable sex, whenever I tried it, both of us would get excited, and jump straight to the fucking. Sarah taught me the joy of teasing myself.
I absolutely love the female body, and mutual masterbation is one of the best ways to enjoy and explore your partners body. Watching her excite herself and slowly build toward orgasm not only makes for an incredible show, but you get great insights into what exactly how she likes to be touched; how fast, where, what gets her hot. Watching Sarah play with her cunt taught me how to tease a woman by lightly stroking her pussy lips rythmically.
For best results, I think it should be about the woman first, and always remember to be vocal! Nothing helps masterbation like hearing a play by play of the nasty things your partner wants to do to you...

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