Can I own that ass???  

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3/4/2006 6:27 am

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Can I own that ass???

Note: Beware of digressions!
Before the usual nastiness, I feel a compulsion (one that isn't eminating from my crotch, too!) to comment on "ownership" of a person. A comment was posted on my last blog entry said something about "She's lucky to have you." I couldn't help but notice the posessive nature of that term. First, thanks to anyone who reads, much less posts a comment. Second, can you really "have" someone? We always want to say that someone is "ours", but of course it's never true. So why? What makes us naive enough to think that someone is "ours"?
I think it all comes down to insecurity. We feel like if we own something, if we can claim it as exclusively ours, then we'll never have to worry about it leaving or being taken. This doesn't work with people, as I'm sure we've all found. People in love come close to an "ownership" agreement. I know in the past of thought I "gave" myself to my partner. The thing is, you can never really give yourself to another person, regardless of how insanely you love them. The best you can do is give oneself completely and honestly to our love for someone else. When you give yourself, though, that's when shit gets dangerous.
In conclusion (finally!), be careful what and who you try to give yourself to. Remember that you can never own someone else, really, and as much as we'd all like to say we belong to someone else, you only belong to you.
Clarification: Ash and I are unfortunately incommunicado. She's gone back to her ex and moved away.

Ok, ok, ok, ok.... Now that my favorite little freak and I have gone our seperate ways, I'm lonely and frustrated. Thankfully, I have a damn near photographic memory when it comes to sex. Especially good sex... In memorium....
Ash and I had spent another evening running around with J and her son, and we had finally got back to J's house to chill and catch some sleep. J went to sleep, and left Ash and I alone on the couch. As usual, Ash decided that teasing me would be a lot more fun than sex. How is it that women can think it's hilarious to outright torture a man, but when we do it to them, it's mean? Knowing how to fuck with me most effectively, she started kissing my neck, whispering to me that even though she was dripping wet, there was no way I was going to even get a whiff of her pussy. Within minutes, she had me quite literally begging. Ash was always good at that, she could have me crawling on my hands and knees before I even realize it.
When she knew she had me hoplessly horny, she lay back next to me and slid her hand down her pants. As she rubbed herself slowly and rythmically, she proceeded to tell me how warm and wet she was. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back a little, still playing with herself. I kissed her neck, trying to take advantage of the fact that I knew she wanted it as bad as I did. She had pulled her t-shirt up a little bit when she started playing with her pussy, and her sexy little belly was showing. I tried to pull her shirt up with my as I started to kiss her exposed tummy, but she just batted my hands away with her one free one.
Being the relentless ass that I am, I just changed my approach. I leaned over her and started gently kissing her earlobes, telling her about all the amazing nasty things I was going to do to her. As I continued to whisper and kiss her amazingly supple neck, I could feel her hand moving faster and faster in her pants. I kept talking shit, getting more and more detailed... and she kept playing with her little pussy, closing her eyes tighter and arching her back up to me. She grabbed me arm with her free hand, and I saw my oppertunity to flip the script. I lightly clamped her earlobe in my teeth and hissed to her "Baby, I can't take it anymore, I HAVE to have you!" As I did that, I led her free hand to my pants, where my raging hard on could easily be felt through my pants. Like a good little girl, her eyes popped open as she put her hand down the front of my pants and squeezed me hard. She smiled her evil little smile and pulled her hands out of both of our pants. She slid her pants and underwear off and spread her legs a little . As I started to wrestle my pants off, she grabbed one of my shoulders and stopped me. She put the fingers she had inside her under my nose and let me smell her sweetness. A perfect tease, she told me I could fuck her, but if I even tried to eat her pussy, that was it. Disappointed, I shrugged and finished pulling my pants off. My dick was hard as a rock and aching for her. She spread her legs around me and I moved up to slide inside her. With one hand on the couch and the other on my hip, she tried to pull me into her, but I stopped her. She looked up at me and smiled her little smile. I ran the tip of my cock up and down her warm, wet pussy, not letting it go in. I smiled back at her and leaned down to whisper to her "I'm going to own this pussy tonight, girl..."

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