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in the finale

He was stunned; did he see what he thought he just saw? “It is really happening,” he said to himself in the stunned silence of the room. He did not hesitate and headed to the restroom door. He reached for the knob and turned it. It was unlocked. He turned the handle and entered, closing the door behind him.

She was waiting inside. She had already taken off her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse. The supple top of her breasts was visible, held aloft by her black bra, as she leaned with her back against the wall. The condom that he had seen in the wreckage of her handbag lay on the edge of the sink. She had her back and the flat of her hands pressed firmly against the wall. One knee was up as well. Her right foot also resting flat against the wall. He then noticed that she was wearing pumps. Glossy, black pumps. He felt his cock begin to stir between his legs.

He stepped toward her and she reach up and placed her arms across his shoulders, wrapping her hands behind his neck and pulled him into a kiss. His hands reaching to her waist sliding up her side. He hooked his thumbs under her ample breast in one motion, resting there for a moment. He reached his right hand behind her back and with a simple, deft flick popped her bra free. He then took her breasts into his hands and caressed them fully.

He could feel her nipple harden to his touch. He pulled back and brushed her blouse from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Then quickly pulled her bra free and it followed to the floor. He pushed her back to the wall and she jerk. The wall was cold. She giggled as he took her tongue into his mouth in a passionate kiss.

As he kissed her, he reached down and unbuttoned her pants, letting them drop to her ankles. She stepped out of them keeping her shoes on. He pulled back and slid his thumbs down her side and hooked the sides of her panties and bent down as he slid them to the floor and helped her feet free. As he rose he nipped her mound with his teeth, he lowered and reached with his tongue and licked briefly at her swollen clit. He then slid his tongue slowly up her stomach. Stopping for a quick lick at her belly button. He continued his adventure, taking a nipple into his mouth, circling it slowly, feeling the hard little mountain in his mouth. He continued up to her neck, nipping her cheek with his teeth, then finishing with a slow simple lick of her ear lope.

She pushed him back and began to undo his tie, throwing it to the floor. Then buttoning his shirt, as if in a panic, she ripped it from his chest. She immediately worked his belt free and buttoned his pants, pulling them and his boxer to the floor. He kicked off his shoes as she removed them and tossed them aside. On her knees she took his now swollen member into her mouth.

He moaned softly, “ Oh God Yes This Is Real”, as he twirled her hair in his fingers. She stroked his cock with her lips, back and forth slowly at first, then faster. His stomach muscles tensed as she worked his manhood.

Suddenly he pulled her from him and reached down, pulled her to her feet. Taking her in his arms he whispered, “ I want you here and now, put the condom on me”. She obeyed as if being given and order. She tore the condom from the wrapper and uncoiled it on his stiff shaft. He spun her around in front the sink. They could see each other in the mirror. Both of their smiles were devilish. He bent her over ever so slightly and slipped his cock slowly into her wet, waiting pussy.

She spread her leg as he entered her, leaning over supporting herself with her hands on the sink. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to him, penetrating her with all of his length. They looked into each others eyes through the mirror. He began to slowly, at first, pump his rigid cock in and out of her. Staring deeply into her eyes. He leaned over and whispered into her ear, “ reach down and rub your clit with your finger as I fuck you, I want this to be good for you to”. Startled she looked at him, puzzled. “ Do it,” he insisted. She obeyed, reluctantly at first, then as the sensation began to grow she understood what he had meant. Together, their bodies became as one, surging forward, timing their rhythms to meet at each exact moment.

She moaned, “God this is good, talk to me, let me be ready with you, I want to cum with you”.

“Oh God Yes,” he responded, “Not Yet, Oh God you feel so good, I don’t ever want to stop,” he murmured. “Stay with me, I’ll tell you when, I want to be with you,….. together.”

The motion stayed as one, she looked up to the mirror to see that his head was back as he pulsed away at her. She smiled, knowing that he wanted her. She felt his hands caress her back and looked in the mirror again to see him looking back. Passion filled his face, as he continued his assault.

Suddenly he spoke, “ I getting close, can you cum with me?” He asked in a halting voice.

She had stayed with him, she was ready. “ Yes, she said, together, now, I’m ready”.

Their rhythms became equal. They stared into the mirror together. His mouth was open, she watch is body as it jerked spasmatically. She felt a quiver in her loin, it grew in intensity. A spasm of lust broke from both of their bodies. They could both feel each other’s shivers. They locked in a solid moment, pressed together with all of their strength. He pulled her hips to him with all his might, grinding as the last spasms of hot cum shot from his deflating cock

He collapsed on top of her, he reached around and grasp her breast in his hands. Holding them gently, with his cheek pressed to her back. She lean forward, exhausted from the lust, resting her head in her hands on the faucet.

Suddenly. There was a knock at the door.

They both froze, wondering if they really heard what they thought they had heard. The knock came again. Then there was a faint voice. “Excuse me, is everything alright in there.” It sounded like the voice of the young girl from behind the counter.

Connie spoke up with a firm voice. “Yes everything is fine, I’ll be just a moment.”

His hands still held her hips, his cock now deflated and soft had slipped out of her wet pussy. He released her hips and reached down and removed the full condom. She turned around, grasped his shoulders and kissed him on the cheek. He blushed, standing their naked with a full condom in his hand. He stepped over and a dropped it in the trash. She giggled and reached down and picked up her panties and stepped into them.

She looked at him, “ Well you had better get dress, when we open the door we had better look proper.” She had already put her bra on and was stepping into her pants.

Still stunned he watched as she dressed. He liked watching her dress. Her breasts were full and firm, her hips well rounded. He was embarrassed to think that he had not really noticed during their passion. He had only one thought then and that was to take her, hard and fast. The excitement of it all still made him tingle.

She looked up at him. “Clothes dear boy, clothes.” He was comical standing in front of her she thought. His limp cock hanging in the wind, and that boyish face. He was cute she thought. Not to lean, and not too muscled. “ Get dressed”, she finally snapped. That got his attention and he finally began to move.

He guickly pulled himself together and dressed. She turned to the mirror and began to straightened her hair. He finished putting on his tie, glance at he mirror to check his hair. “It will have to do he thought,” his hair was slightly curly and always a bit unmanageable. “It is, what it is.” He thought to himself.

She was still working on her hair in the mirror as he stepped up behind her and put is hands around her waist. She leaned back into his chest. He moved his hand up and cupped her breasts and kissed her on the neck then whispered in her ear. “ Do you want to go to your place or mine?” he asked. Then stated a matter of factly, “I’m not finished with you just yet. I think a proper bit of love making would be in order here. And maybe a bite to eat.”

She turned around and pulled him to her and kissed him deeply on the lips. “Do you think you can handle it?” She asked with a devilish grin. “But first we’ve got to get out of here you know!”

The knock came to the door again. “I’m sorry, but someone else needs the restroom!” A frustrated voice from the other side called out.

She looked into his eyes, “ Well, are you ready?”

He nodded and reached for the door, unlocked it and pulled it open. He stepped aside and let her go out first.

She elbowed him in the ribs as she stepped by. “ Sure, asshole, let me be first to face the music,” she whispered as she passed. She grabbed his hand and pulled him along with her.

The shop was now crowded. Everybody looked as they came out. The young man behind the counter looked over at them and smiled. He gave Johnathan the thumbs up as they passed. Johnathan tried not to notice. Connie did however, and grinned.

They returned to the table that they had left, grabbed their coats and her umbrella and headed for the door. An elderly lady in the corner, where the gentleman had been before, glanced at them in disgust. They stepped out into the drizzle of the evening. Johnathan took the lead and headed toward his apartment. She followed without question.

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