rm_buford544 58M
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5/11/2006 5:47 pm

There is a couple on this site the name is sweet heather from Mars Hill North Carolina whom I had chatted with a few time's. I was chatting tonight with and she wanted to let me talk to her husband. I got a phone call and had to answer it. My son is in he hospital and is very ill so I ran to answer it in the other room. When I got back they were ranting and raven because I had not talked to her husband. I told them I was sorry and tried to explain several time's and kept saying I was sorry but the son came first but they kept going on and on. So I removed them from my messenger and I am not quiet sure what their problem is. So my advise is to steer clear from these people or there might be problem's. So this is just a word to the wise some people will not take an explanation but son come's first but could not get that through their head. As for me I do not want to get messed up with people like that and would not think you would either.

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