Welcome back Jane, you look gorgeous!  

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7/19/2005 5:45 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Welcome back Jane, you look gorgeous!

Just saw Jane downstairs in her office and she looks so sexy, white strappy top with loads of tanned skin on display. God I miss screwing her!

I keep reminding her of the fun we used to have in my office,( and sometimes in other peoples) and she keeps telling me she is trying to be good. What a shame as for the last year we had a lot of fun.

It started with a Xmas kiss, which was very full on, and developed into a big snogging session. I pressed her body close to me, so that she could feel my aroused dick, and that she no doubt about what I wanted to do to her.

A few weeks later we began having regular sex sessions, usually after my secretary had left for the day. Jane would come up, lock the door, and we would very quickly get naked.

Sometimes we sat on a chair, sometimes lay on the floor. Our favourite was doggy-style over a desk. She had a great arse, she carried a few extra pounds but looked all the better for it. She had a tattoo in her lower back, and I used to try and figure out what it meant, as I thrust deep into her. She often kept her heels on, and would lie facedown flat on the desk, elongating her vaginal channel to get maximum penetration. She would bite her arm to stop herself screaming, whilst the desk would creak and groan beneath her weight.

Last year on my birthday, she had the painters in, and gave me a real treat taking me in her mouth and sucking me till I came. She is not a swallow gal, and dribbled my spunk back over my knob, smiling wickedly at me.

It was her birthday yesterday, and I have offerred to repay this favour by giving her a little oral pleasure myself. She always kept herself well trimmed and tasted good, she liked me to work her clit with the tip of my tonque whlist I fingered the rim of her bumhole. I hope she accepts my birthday invitation, it would be good manners after all!

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