Being a toy boy  

rm_buck215 57M
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6/30/2006 4:30 am
Being a toy boy

I'e never hidden my love of older women, and once has a wonderful encounter with a lady who was a fiend of my mum and dad. I was about 25, she was in her forties. She was of italian extraction, and had that natural sexiness and confidence that many continental european women have. She was raven-haired, with olive skin, and had gorgeous almond shaped eyes that told you how wicked she was. She was quite big and curvy, and oozed sex appeal.
We knew each other to say hello, but one evening she flirted outrageously with me, making it absolutely clear what she wanted. I jumped at the chance and arranged to meet her at her home the next evening.
When I arrived, she had sent her son to bed early, and we sat alone in her lounge, making small talk. She asked me why I was there, "To seduce you" I boldly declared. She laughed out loud and said "You think you are going to seduce me, I am going to seduce you".
We kissed passionately, she wore a black strappy top, and despite the size of her breasts, they remained firm and upright as I stroked her erect nipples.
She led me upstairs by the hand, took me to her room and undressed me. I took off her top, revealing her huge bosom. I sucked on her nipples whiile she stroked my throbbing cock. She pushed me back on the bed, and licked me, down my chest, stomach and then took me in her mouth. She worked me gently, I fought my orgasm for as long as I could before letting everything go in her mouth.
When I finished, she glanced up at me, her evil eyes showing me how pleased she was, my cum still moist on her lips.
She lay with me for a while, I played with her nipples, and soon became erect again. I climbed on to her, parted her legs and entered her, wet and eager. We both came, she squeezed my butt cheeks with her long nails as her orgasm took hold.
I rolled off and we talked a little, then she told me I had to go. I could have stayed forever, and realsied I had never been sexually dominated by any woman before. We never renewed our encounter, and I have always regretted this. I never found out what her pussy tasted like, or had the pleasure of bending her over, exposing her magnificent ass, and taking her from behind.
I saw her occasionally after she maarried a man a little older than her, she had lost a massive amount of weight, but her eyes still had a wicked glint, wish I had had more of her loving.

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