Where the hell is Mel?  

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2/10/2006 8:09 pm

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Where the hell is Mel?

5 a.m. came mighty early this morning for me, since I am definitely NOT a morning person, but, I had to be on the road no later than 6-6:15. I never relish driving on I4, and a friday morning rush hour is not something I enjoy. So, I figure if I can leave early enough, I can beat most of it. WRONG. And what's with these damn tourists out before the crack of dawn? I was behind one, (I will leave the state he was from out, so not to offend), on SR54 headed east. Speed limit, 45mph, and the moron was going 30. NO PASSING. GRRRRRRRR....

Anyway, I am resplendent this morning, in my nifty Tinker Bell tee my dad gave me, and brand new size 6 Tommy jeans, (heh heh). Uh huh, you read right. Tinker Bell. I'm going to Disney, after all. May as well look like a typical tourist this time.

SCENE ONE: THE DRIVE. I75 south to I4. Bumper to bumper before I even hit the Tampa metro area. Cripes. Cranked up my traveling music, Barry Manilow, (ok, no cracks), and sang along. That made the time go a little quicker. Of course, I get strange looks. Ah well. I don't care. And, naturally, I forgot my sunglasses. Sun rises in the east. I'm headed east. Squinting. A lot. Not fun. Feel a sun-induced headache coming on. Pop a few advil with a Dew. Tilt the seat back just a tad, and crank up ole Barry. Soon, I see it. The Disney exit sign. YAY!

SCENE TWO: THE PARKING LOT. Ok, I make it to Disney property. Headache is gone, and I'm getting charged up. I feel like a kid again. In my effervescent state, I am not paying attention to signs. Instead of going to the parking lot, I am headed back out. ARRRRRRRGH. I whip around and follow a car. He must know where he's going, right? He sure did, he worked there, and headed to the "cast only" parking area. By now, I'm starting to get ticked off. So, I make a U-turn, and head back the way I came. Only the way I came is a one way. I said "screw it", and drove on anyway As cars were coming in my direction, I had to pull over. At this point, I am laughing so hard I am crying. FINALLY, I see "the" sign for Magic Kingdom parking. I just wasted 10 minutes driving around an empty parking lot like an idiot. Sigh. At least I was on time. Trust me, I was impressed.

SCENE THREE: THE TICKET COUNTER. My sister purchased the tickets at AAA, so we had to "redeem" them by showing our Florida drivers license. Ok, no problem. My idiot nephew forgot his, and had to hike back to his car. So, we wait. While we are standing there, I go into the first souvenir shop I see. I see this GREAT Tinker Bell hat. But, what made me spend twenty bucks on a dang ball cap was the writing on it: "Mood subject to change without notice". PERFECT. So, I pull my hair through the back, and go back out. My idiot nephew is still not back yet. Cripes almighty. I mention that he probably got lost, which earned me a snotty look from his girlfriend. Hey, I'm entitled to my opinion, right? And besides, I'm the aunt. I can say whatever I want.

SCENE FOUR: THE MAGIC KINGDOM. Alrighty then, we are finally inside. The first thing my sister says to me is "Don't even start, Cathy". Ok, I have been to the parks 200+ times. And EVERY SINGLE TIME I have been in the Kingdom, the first thing I do is buy popcorn. Literally, I eat my way though Disney. Fine. So I don't get popcorn, (it wasn't ready anyway), and vow to keep up the tradition once deep in the recesses of the Magic Food Kingdom. My brother in law wants coffee, so we head for the bakery on main street. Of course, even though I had breakfast on the way to Orlando, I can eat again. Cherry danish and a cup of coffee. YUM.

We decide to head over to Adventureland. Pirates of the Caribbean. Dumped a handful of dad there. Swiss Family Treehouse. Another handful. On to the Jungle Cruise. Yep, he's swimming with the elephants. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, yep, there too. Then, to Splash Mountain. Now, my father went on that ride one time. The drop about made him have a heart attack. We teased him unmercifully about it after. He was like Fred Sanford coming out of there - "IT'S THE BIG ONE". LOL. So, naturally, I was going to leave some of him on that one, too. I was in the front row, and got drenched. Seriously soaked. And, while I was scattering him, some of the ashes got on my jeans. My WET jeans. Great. My father could become concrete on me. I was laughing and laughing. My nephew said I was morbid, for mentioning that. LMAO. Nah, but, I swear I could hear my dad chuckle.

My dad, his name is Mel, is on every "E" ticket ride, and a couple of the "C" ticket ones, too. Plus, some flower beds, etc. We even made it over to the Animal Kingdom for a couple of hours. He enjoyed that place, too. He's near the gorilla habitat.

So, that was my day. A bit bittersweet, but, we had a blast. And the title of this post now makes sense, doesn't it? Where the hell is Mel? He's alllllllll over Disney, that's where

Xeryien 52M
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2/16/2006 6:01 pm

Cat, I don't know what to say...
I'm sure your Dad would appreciate it and was loving every minute of it with you (Especially being stuck to your jeans!)! I'll make sure I look for him next time I'm out there.

When I go, I hope that my family and friends take care of me with the same thoughtfulness and joy that you did for your Dad!


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