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Full Disclosure

I absolutely love the computer age. We have had a lot
of fun surfing the web, and seeing things that we
would not normally see. And the porn sites. Oh baby.
That truly opened up a new dimension for us. Our lives
became more sexually charged, after we discovered what
the web had. We always enjoyed porn movies, but this
was even better. We could look at pics, Mpegs, and
stuff like that, and end up having sex on the floor
right next to the computer. My husband also enjoys the
story sites. He says that sometimes reading gets him
hotter, as it's fun to imagine the scene. He sometimes
will read a story out loud, while I suck him off. It's
hot. His voice gets deeper and huskier, as he gets
into the story, while my mouth works on his cock. Now,
that is a lot of fun.

Anyway, we were surfing one night, and somehow ran
into a site with web cams. Not a professional site,
but, a site where real people got on cams. There was a
PG rated area, and an X rated area. Guess where we
went? Yep. We had to. I was stunned. Some people were
just showing parts of their bodies, clothed and
unclothed. Some were masturbating. There were even
couples fucking. Holy shit. We looked at each other
and grinned. This was an erotic utopia! We watched for
a while, and followed the conversations being typed,
as others watched and commented on what someone was
doing.We noticed that it was mostly guys, (go figure),
that were the voyeurs. Some were kinda crude in
telling the women on cam what to do, but, in a strange
sort of way, it was extremely erotic to me. I started
thinking about our web cam. We had used it to send
pics and short videos to family, but, never in my
wildest dreams did I ever think of using it for
self-gratification. Hell, I was game, but I wasn't
sure how my husband would react to it. I mean really,
showing off to a ton of strangers? I was getting more
and more excited thinking about it.

Hubby knew something was up, when I started massaging
his dick through his pants, as we watched a woman
showing. She was cupping her tits through her top, and
you could see the nipples were hard. There were guys
telling her to lift her top and "show those tits".
Took her a while, but she did. She squeezed her
nipples hard, and the guys in the room went wild,
wanting to see more.

I had the opportunity to bring it up a couple of
nights later. I was dressed in a red tank and matching
panties, and we were back in that cam site on the web.
Taking a deep breath, I told hubby I wanted to try.
"Try what?" he said, with a grin. He knew what I
wanted to do, and said he knew the first night we were
in there. Anticipating my interest, he went ahead and
signed up as a "member", and decided he would be the
"designated typer", while I did whatever I wanted to
on cam. He also said it was up to me if I wanted to
show my face, as being anonymous was ok, but, he
wanted people to see all of me.

"I am very proud of the way you look babe, and I want
everyone else to see what a beautiful woman you are,"
he smiled as he tweaked my nipple, "And, I doubt if
anyone would believe you were over 40, too."

Good Lord! I can honestly tell you I felt a major
tingle shoot through my lower body. My mouth went
kinda dry, as he logged on, and pointed the cam my

"OK, honey, I will tell you what they are saying to
you. Do what you want, and remember", he said with a
leer, "I am your number one fan, and we'll have to
celebrate you losing your cherry on cam, so to speak."

He had signed up as "Bambi_Thumper", and that cracked
me up. It wasn't long before someone typed in "HEY

At first, I was just standing there, but it didn't
take me long to start teasing a bit. Hubby was telling
me what was being said.

"Show yer titties, Bambi ... we want to see 'em".

I lifted my tank, and instantly, my large nipples

"Oh yes Bambi ... verrrrry nice! I want to suck them
into my mouth. Squeeze them for us." "Nice tits,
Bambi. You keep yourself in good shape. Will you show
us more, please?"

My husband admitted he was watching me in the site,
too. He said it was like watching a movie, with me as
the star. Annnnnnd, he was really getting off on what
the voyeurs in the room were typing to me. One guy
even asked if I would mind if he jacked off to my
tits. Hubby was typing back, telling the guys to keep
encouraging me, since this was my first time on cam.
Boy, that did it. We were inundated by messages, so
many that he couldn't keep up.

As I slid my panties down, hubby said the messages
became even more explicit. I could tell he was
realllllly enjoying all of this, as I just happened to
have noticed that his boxers tented out in front of
him. This was one of the most exciting things we had
ever done.

"Ohhhhhh GAWD!!!!!! Move your hand Bambi, we want to
see that pussy."

"Hey Thumper, tell Bambi to spread em".

"Do you like your pussy eaten, Bambi? I would love it
if you sat on my face".

"Spread your legs Bambi".

"Go ahead, honey ... take off your panties, and sit in
the chair," my husband said, "Go ahead and give them a
show. You know I am really loving this too."

I slid off my panties and sat in the chair. My nipples
were so hard, it was almost painful. I was dripping
wet, and hoped that it showed up on the cam. I saw
hubby adjusting the cam, and hoped it showed
close-ups. Spreading my legs, I slid my hand down, and
spread the lips of my pussy open for all to see.
Jeeeezus! It was fucking hot, showing myself all over
the web. For a fleeting second, I envisioned someone
from my work seeing me there, but, just as quickly as
the thought came, it was gone. Fuck it. I didn't care
at this point who saw me. I was having a grand time,
and hopefully, I was satisfying my audience.

"God, babe, you should see what you look like on this
site," hubby was practically panting, "I am telling
you, it's like watching a porno movie starring you.
You can even see how wet you are. Christ, this is

The guys in the web cam site were getting grosser and
grosser, and it was turning me on even more. Amazing
how people can be when they are anonymous. Hubby said
one guy, (his "name" was hard-one69), was the one
doing most of the requests. Others were commenting, to
be sure, but this hard guy was the nastiest one. Hubby
typed to him, and told him to tell me what he wanted
to do to me.

Hard-one69 typed: "Bambi you have a beautiful pussy
... I love yer lips, so full and swollen ... my cock
would fit in you so good ... I want to fuck you so
bad! Spread yer lips wider for me ... I want to see
you clit ... I want to suck it off ... I want to do a
hot 69 with you".

Now, I gotta tell you, this was getting better and
better. I spread my legs wider, as hubby zoomed in on
my pussy. I was wide open and dripping. IT WAS

Fuck, I was getting close. I was rubbing my clit, and
by this time, hubby has his dick sticking out of his
boxers, and was stroking it with one hand, while still
typing with the other. Except to change the settings
on the cam, he never looked at me in the flesh, but,
preferred to watch me on the monitor. Wooooo, baby. We
were gonna have a hot time tonight! He couldn't get
over the fact that he could actually see wetness. The
pic from the cam was so clear. I can just imagine how
it looked. Damn, I wished I could see. He told me that
almost the whole room was watching me, and a few guys
were admitting that they were jacking off to me
stroking my clit. Some of them were just commenting on
"how beautiful" my pussy was, but, Hard-one69 was
still going on about fucking me. He was saying how
thick his cock was, and how he would give me the
fucking of my life.

"Ohhhhhh Bambi ... I am so hard right now for you ...
my cock is dripping pre-cum ...it's oozing out of the
head of my dick ... I wish you were here with me now
... I would hold yer head while you licked it off".
"Fuck, Bambi ... I love yer pussy lips ... they are so
big ... I want to feel them wrapped around my dick as
I slide in and out of you".

This was almost like when my husband read erotica to
me. I listened to his voice, as he read what was typed
off of the screen, and watched his hand move faster up
and down his cock. I haven't seen the head of his cock
so swollen and purple. I swear, it was like he was on
the verge of exploding right then, but, just at that
second, he slowed down. He said there were guys saying
they were cumming, while looking at my pussy, wishing
they were fucking me. One guy even said he was in love
with me. Now that was interesting. But still, this was
fucking hot. I rubbed faster and faster as my
"audience" became even more frenzied. It was like
sharks at feeding time, or something.

My husband was again stroking his cock faster, as he
continued reading to me. He was telling me that guys
that had just cum, wanted to know when I would be
back. I was thinking about the next time I would be on
cam, when I felt the first tremble of an orgasm start
deep within my pussy. I was almost frantic, as I
rubbed faster and faster. Hubby was stroking faster,
as his face was almost plastered to the screen,
watching me. With a scream, I came violently, and saw
my husband's body tense up, as thick globs of cum shot
out of his cock. I was so overcome with exhaustion at
this point, I just sprawled out and closed my eyes, as
the deep contractions started to subside. I didn't
know when my husband turned off the cam, and was
surprised when he knelt next to the chair and gently
kissed my pussy.

"Nice show, honey. I let your fans know you would be
back next week at the same time."

oldude1946 70M

3/6/2006 4:29 pm

I'm gonna have to go take a cold shower now

MyRealLoverOne 45M

3/6/2006 5:34 pm

Now thats what I call user friendly!

elysianpleasure 47M

3/6/2006 9:39 pm

Oh my!!! Elysian

HeardLankaMalls 55M
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3/7/2006 4:08 am

Mmmmm...nice story Fann

Have to love giving in to your fantasies and voyeuristic notion


Tone_33756 55M

3/7/2006 6:17 am

This was a rough story to read AT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it!

Hot damn girl, you sure can tell an erotic story!

sassybelle21 32F
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3/7/2006 8:15 am

Wow I wish I was as hot as you

lifes2short069 48M
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3/8/2006 7:18 am

very nice.. i've been to that site too.. to bad i missed ya this time (wink)

l8r m8 L2S

asianXcaucasian 55M
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3/14/2006 11:44 pm

D**N! That was a heckuva story. Made me HOT!!!

I have a webcam that came w/the computer and I've been too lazy to even hook it up. Might have to get off my lazy butt and see if I can get it to working. . .

alamo1235 58M
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5/2/2006 4:52 pm

Loved this writingbut I missed the show. Would love to see , is there going to be an eposise 2. I do hope so.

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