Short Road Trip  

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9/30/2005 4:02 pm

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Short Road Trip

So, my friend calls me up Wednesday night and tells me to come with her to Lakewood. She met these guys online that wanted her and I to go up to their place and hang out. So, me being me, I said yes. We get there and get lost. We finally see them and we ended up going to the store, buying a 30 pack and then pulling out the SoCo and Vodka out of her trunk. We all got trashed and one of the guys passes out on my friend's boob. We got a picure of that. Anyways, I'm sitting in this canopy chair and the other guy plops down on my lap. We all just hung out that night. The second night we stayed we all hung around the house watching movies. We got a couple pizzas and continued watching movies snuggled up to the "dudes". Well, we ended up having a blast with these guys and sex wasn't even involved. I mean, the first night the guy all up on me and I made out, but that was the extent of our sexual parts in those 2 days. I'll always remember the 2 Chris's from Lakewood who are 18 and 19. The fun wrestling around and drunken kisses and experiences.

digdug41 49M

9/30/2005 9:48 pm

glad you had fun ,if its not a spontaneous thing maybe its better you just got to know eachother

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