Ahh... Tuesday at Last!!!  

rm_bryan4a 36M
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6/6/2006 8:10 am
Ahh... Tuesday at Last!!!

I personally thought monday would never end! Luckily it seems that life is not really as bad as it might seem while in the monotony of a monday.
With the exception of it being 6/6/6 today, I think it will be a lovely day. The summer job is still really boring but I guess that's why they call it work... And heck, I have a window and a computer to keep me occupied.
So frankly I was shocked to see some people stopped by and at least viewed my first post! Some even left comments!!! I am glad to see that there are some real humans on this site after all. (And hot ones too boot!!!) I guess maybe blogging is the way to go on here, since I am too scared to give them a credit card number and become a real member after reading all the horror stories posted about site operations from alleged former employees.
At very least it gives me an opportunity to vent frustrations I can't very well shout out here at work!

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