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rm_brjerker 43M
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4/17/2006 7:35 pm
Random and Recent

I saw this (ultra pale) white goth girl this past weekend. I have fond memories... with my hand and some lube

I saw one black girl, holding on to her boyfriend's waist as they rode a motorcycle. While she had a helmet, her body.... oh my god... EXACTLY my type. And there was more lube used. And more again later. Her ass really and truly turned me on.

Short blonde girl came back with me this weekend. Then proceeds to say "I just want to be held." Balls, your color is blue.

There was another hot black girl. I walked around for the next hour with a hard on. Then I bumped into another. I think some brain cells died from lack of blood as it was being used elsewhere.

There was an okay looking middle aged black woman who hit on me... but I was on the way to see a friend, so I couldn't stick around. Ack.

One day, an exgirlfriend popped into my head and wouldn't leave. You have no idea how much lube it took to finally get her out.

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