Photographic foreplay, part I  

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2/23/2006 8:00 am

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Photographic foreplay, part I

I've been a photographer for about 8 years now--I started taking refernece pictures for human figure sculpture and now I do anything from help models develop fashion portfolios to art nude and erotica. At this stage, it's pretty much a buisness (or paying hobby) for me...and I try so hard to not mix buisness with pleasure. That being said, there's something very sexy about openly objectifying woman and being allowed to embrace her beauty. Many models I've worked with say it a very sexy feeling to have that kind of attention, and I love giving it as well.
Quite a few years ago, I met a freshman at my university who was a complete exhibitionist. She was one of my first non-art models--she wanted me to take a few pictures of her for her boyfriend. Lucky bastard...she was beautiful (great hair, large doe-like eyes, incredible body with curves all in the right places) AND loved to show off. Of course I argeed. The first shoot was very fun...and definately some sexual tension there. She had a boyfriend, though, who she obviously cared about and I was not going to get in between them.
Well, needless to say, he loved the pictures. The next time he visited, he wanted to do another shoot, with him present. Usually I feel very awkward about a model's bf/husband being there--it seems to make them more inhibited and the photos show it. This, however, was not the case for them. She was a total ham (in a good way) and he ate it up! He was telling her how sexy she was as she looked at me lustfully and licked and ate a bowl of cherries....truly one of the sexiest times of my life.
It doesn't end there, though...They had spent the night at my place instead of renting a hotel (she lived in a dorm). We all woke up about the same time and before the day got under way, they took a shower. I heard thumping and moaning coming from the bathroom and I could only imagine what they were doing (and I did just that!). When they came out, clad only in towels, I'd asked them if they had a good time. She actually blushed a little...and he said that he really enjoyed himself, taking her ass in his hands roughly. She began to object, but he looked at her sternly. I later learned that she was very submissive and little more than a look from him would put her in her place. Well, with this look, she stopped objecting...he took her towel off of her, exposing her beautiful body. I'd now seen her naked a few times, but this was far more erotic. She was clearly aroused (her nibbles stood up and her skin was already flushed). She bit her lip...looked at her bf...and looked at me. He told her to drop to her knees, which she did without skipping beat. She took his towel off and engulfed his cock. Needless to say, I was loving the show!
They soon moved to the bed, where she rode him with long slow thrusts. It was a beautiful thing to watch! Here eyes would wander from his to mine as she fucked him (it's driving me crazy just remembering it!).
Finally she looked to me and asked me what I was waiting for...I was welcomed to join in. It didn't take me long to get naked!!! As she rode him, she artfully sucked me off. Not only could I feel how much she was enjoying his cock inside of her through her moans, but she really was an expert at oral. she rose off his cock and bent over to take him in her mouthlifting her ass up to me. When I first entered her, I don't know who enjoyed it more, him or her. Later he told me how much he loved watching her get fucked...and it showed!
By that time we'd lost all inhibitions. We fucked and sucked all day long. We gave her her first double penetration, which she loooved (almost passed out from the orgasm and had to stop to recover!). She finished both of us off with her mouth, letting our cum dribble over her chin and onto her chest.

THis was my first experience with 3somes, and I was hooked! I credit them with a lot of my sexual openness and desire (need?) to experiment now. I also blame them for making me wonder ever time I have a photoshoot...hmmmm maybe this won't be JUST about pictures...

I've never replicated the experience, but would love to. Maybe this time I'll have 2 women as models? Any takers?

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2/23/2006 8:15 am

mmmmmm hot story...ty for sharing!!!!>>>>>>xo


mycin62 54F

2/23/2006 11:41 am

Great story, you can take pics of me any time.

MWWwantsmore 51F

2/23/2006 2:22 pm

Very hot story hun, I am there with Cin
you can take all the pics of me you want

rm_Ellenback 58F
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2/23/2006 3:44 pm

Oh, were you talking bout pictures? LOL Bri, I'm so eager to see anything new you've written, and if I can visualize myself in there, ohhhh mannnnnnn (let me just roll my tongue back up off the floor here..)

Pictures, what pictures, did you mention pictures? All I could read was the 3some............


luvkitn21 33F

2/23/2006 8:14 pm

Great post Bri. Thought I was actually there, or maybe I was just wishing I was. You can take pictures of me anytime.

rm_bri28ma 39M
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2/24/2006 8:11 am

Sheesh was photographic FOREPLAY!!! Hmmm, but more details about the shoot itself. It was high-key (white on white)...she was "wearing" a cute crinolyn (white poofy) skirt, lothing else...and was eating a bowl of cherries seductively. Just looking at the pics now makes me hard! So, SO sexy!!

Luv, I'd really enjoy taking pictures of you...not to mention what would happen after (or during? )!

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