Exhibitionism and voyeurism  

rm_bri28ma 39M
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1/5/2006 12:29 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Exhibitionism and voyeurism

Can I just say I LOVE showing off (and watching too, of course!). You may have seen my cam shows...it turns me on to know others are watching, but I hate the lack of interaction. I'd much rather be teasing someone in person, giving them a show until they can hardly stand it . I'v never done anything sexual in a public or semi-public place, but would love to. Hey, I'd even be curious about sex parties. I don't know if that crosses a line for me I'm not comfortable with or not, so I think I'll ease into it. Who out there has had experiences in public? Who wants to?

hottnwettpussy 30F

1/7/2006 1:45 pm

I think the idea of sex in public is awesome. I get excited just thinking about it. My boyfriend has had sex in a club where people can see in the room and watch you. He didn't know it until he walked out and guys were jacking off and telling him he was great. He isn't crazy about the idea though. I am trying to get him to think about it again.
I love it when people are watching me. I don't have a web cam at the moment otherwise I would always be on it. Maybe I'll get one sometime soon.
I have been to one of those sex parties and it was different but I did like it. Everyone is going at it and watching everyone else at the same time. It is almost unreal at times. I think you would love to be at one.
If only I was looking for men I would take you to some places that are not totally wild publicly, but enough to get you introduced to the idea. It is a big turn on for everyone I know so I'm sure it would be for you to.

rm_lucytart 50F
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2/9/2006 11:19 pm

I'm shy like you - I'd love to do it in public, but not sure I'd actually carry through. I have given a bit of road head, but mostly in the dark. Never got out of the garage when we got home that night, though I've received a few PDAs (public displays of affection) that were more sensual to the people watching than to either of us - I didn't realize running his fingers through my hair was sensual... it just feels good. Hmmm, yea, I gues that IS a sensual feel. And once I figured that out... he stopped! I thought it was because me hair was too short, so I grew it to my shoulders, but no go so far.

Fantasies... I can't see myself in a sex club, though I have danced with a stripped years ago, at my bachlorette party. My co-workers had NO idea how I'd react, so got my VERY drunk... I had a ball! I wasn't so think as they drunk I was, either. But I was still very young, very restrained - I'd have a LOT more fun with him now...

... if I was certain that no one who could bring it up in blackmail later was in the bar. Ah, the tolls of responsible adulthood. <sigh>

I've definitely been planning a trip to the state park in early spring or late fall, when no one else was around, picnic lunch, and a blanket, and time... he won't have a chance to resist.

And I'd love to try out a few other semi-public places. I'm not so sure about public...

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