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9/27/2005 3:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

apartment dreams

i always wanted to meet someone in my apartment. to see someone when i got home from my 2nd shift job, as i open the locked lobby door i hear a "wait" and i look behind me and i see a cute girl running up the steps so that i dont close it. she smiles and says thanks as i hold the door open for her. im a little bit shocked because i wasnt expecting to see anyone and my mind was on other things. she has long brownish hair kinda frizzy, big brown eyes and then she says that i shouldnt have let her in. for all i know shes a serial killer and i could be reported. i tell her that you cant report me, if you dont know my name. she smiled at my quick response. she said that she has her ways of finding out. i told her, if you are waiting for me to get my mail so you can find out that way, you will be waiting a long time. she said she has all night, she has no plans. i smiled at that. i told her that if she is a serial killer that ive never seen one with such a cute smile. she asked how many serial killers have i seen? i said thats confidential information. she said, Really...well im gonna have to get that information because i dont want any copycat serial killers following my moves and taking claim on my victims. i told her i thought that you had ways of finding things out. she said that was in regards to you. and i said how do u plan on getting that information from me cause im a vault. she said that she also specializes in safe cracking. i laughed and told her that didnt make sense. she said well does this make more sense? and then she went up to me and kissed me. i got over my sense of suprise and kissed back and pushed her against the mail box wall as we kept kissing for a while. she tasted sweet, she had lipgloss on. some sort of fruit. as im kissing her im rubbing my hands over her back, legs and cupping her ass. then i lick slightly on her earlobe, sucking on it as she slightly moans. then i take her and pull her towards the elevator as i slap her ass as i take her into the elevator. i told her that she is wearing way too many clothes. she smiles and says well, what do u propose we do about that. as she is saying that im taking off my shirt. i kiss her passionately again as she raises her hands to aid in taking off her shirt. i tell her to take off her bra slowly, cause ive never been very good at that part of it. she doesnt have to know all that though. so. she does it as i take off my jeans. her body is so fine. she is about a c cup. i take her against the wall and start to suck on her breasts. i play around with her nipples with my toungue ring as the elevator starts to move and neither of us hit any button. so im kinda nervous but when it stops the person that is there just says that they will take the stairs, its a young guy. i can tell that he thinks its cool as hell whatz going on. and so we go back to playing around with each other groping each others bodies. she strokes my hard dick as i finger play with her warm wet pussy. i hit 7 on the elevator and open the elevator door. we both leave the clothes there, expect i grabbed my keys. she goes in front of me as i slap that ass again and think about what im going to do to her, i open my door as im kissing her and rubbing one of my hands up and down her body while trying to open the door w/my key. not very easy. after i finally get the door open i throw the keys inside and take her in. she says to me. i told you i had my ways. i smiled a little and told her to shut up and then i closed the door.

frogger1995 39F

9/27/2005 6:49 pm

Scary.....but fun!

rm_brewcity25 37M

9/27/2005 8:40 pm

she really wasnt a serial killer.

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