more on tgirls..  

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12/21/2005 3:40 pm

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more on tgirls..

Hmmm...considering all the ways it could be done..I sense that there could it be as many different levels for tgirls to live their lives by as there stars in the sky? Even more choices than is offered to either of the hetero genders separately...And It seems that as I get deeper and deeper into the ts culture, there are relatively few who do exactly what I do. i.e. The more profiles I visit here, the more particular *kinds* of tgirls I discover.

Not that I am searching for a ts/tv/cd or any kind of tgirl, for that matter. I am really not that attracted to them, which is another topic. But thats what first piqued my interest in this topic. One would naturally figure that a cross dresser would be looking to be with other cross dressers. That's what the AdultFriendFinder "Who's Veiwing Me" list seems to think..But not so. (I would not mind having one for a friend to go out with and shop with). But I digress..

Some tgirl lifestyles are incredibly complex. Some are very simple. And there must be twenty thousand discernable shades of grey in between.

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