Why I prefer bottom..  

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1/30/2006 9:00 pm

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Why I prefer bottom..

Recently a one of my AdultFriendFinder freinds commented that they thought it odd that I was so adamant against topping...and I must say, it got me thinking about exactly why that is. And after some self search, I found that it's quite multifaceted - as I got into listing the reasons I began to realise that there is no one simple answer..

First and foremost, I have played with my bottom all of my life..I can recall getting scolded by my Grandmother for that at a very early age!

Second: I think of a man's buttcrack as a hairy and unpretty place. A place that I dont want to go to. Since most men do not manage their hair behind there, it's usually the first thing that tends to turn me off on a man. I dont like super hairy.

Another thing is I love a wet swollen vagina, and I simply prefer that kind of penetration (this, I will have to give more thought to).

Yet another thing is that I am a tgirl, and that means to be femme, and I want to play the female or sub role (keep in mind, I have been a male playing that naturally dominant role all my life). And I play that femme role happily and with great zeal. Within that zeal is wrapped my desires and rules regarding what it is to be femme.

I want to be the object of the sexual act with a man. I want to be the object of desire. I want my legs arranged into the position he likes them to be in. I am not seeking an equal footing in the bed or in the relationship. And since I prefer straight, tcurious men, it seems the natural role to play. Not that I don't wish to actively take part, but as the femme and the object of desire, I like to receive and be pleasured. I seek that kind of symbiosis.

There is one slight incomptibility here that I work around: Many tcurious gentlemen have never had a any experience with tgirls or even with a male in general. Many seek a soft pretty tgirl because it is a way to 'test' the waters of male to male sex, without feeling the hairy legs of a 'man' or having to face issues regarding homosexuality. So the resulting requests revolve around me teaching them 'the ropes', which implies that I give them their 'first" of a few things. This usually includes anal, which is where I have drawn a line. But hey, you have to set some boundries!

rm_olivegod777 46M

1/31/2006 4:52 pm

i'd love to treat your bottom to my hung hard thick top. let me know.

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