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2/5/2006 6:49 am

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I dont know why but I have always felt like somewhat of a freak. I think that name tends to make others in the culture feel offended, but it never seems to bother me. Not only am I not offended by someone calling me that but I might even be a bit proud of it. Maybe it's because I think all the more 'moral, normal good folk' are more twisted than I am. Another reason: all my role models are a bit freakish. I just dont seem to have any normal role models.

I need to work this one out some....

rm_cmuguy382 40M

2/5/2006 9:00 pm

Hi, boytoy I love it whenever someone questions things! I'm extremely analytical by nature--makes being a psychology major a good fit. In my opinion, the reason you are not offended, and in fact are proud, of the term freak is because you don't symbolize it in the way that those who are referring to you as one do. Your perception of the term and theirs are quite different. And that's okay. In fact, it's great! It displays your psychological health (not to be confused with psychological normality; ask if you need clarification between the two). Psychological diversity is valuable; living in a society of people with varied ideas and lifestyles makes life interesting and challenging. Conforming to social demands is not necessarily a mark of psychological health. If you don't question what's going on around you, you're not fulfilling your potential as a thinking, questioning human being. I feel this is similar to when people ask me how "long" I've been a man. Well, my entire life, obviously, if I had sex reassignment surgery! Their perception is I was not a man until I gained a penis--the ultimate symbol in our male dominated society, right? No one ever grasps the concept that my anatomy is the only thing I've ever ACTUALLY changed (well, that and my name, lol.) I've always thought, acted, felt, and behaved like a male. However, that doesn't fit society's portrait of a man. Well, I prefer to paint my own picture.

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