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2/5/2006 5:06 pm

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All about me...

A true redhead with piercing green eyes and a hot fire inside, I am the sort you’ve often heard about. Unusual creatures, hot, temperamental, creative and unique. Those close to me know that I love to disrobe whenever and where ever I can. My body stays tight, toned and fit. Smooth and porcelain white, it is very femme in some places, while male (but not too male) in other places. I have long translucent legs that are very nice to the touch. I prefer the pin-up girl look. The colors of my body are orange, peach, pink, and porcelain. That's me. Redhead, freckles. No tan. Not much hair. That which I have is fire red.

I am a kind and gentle person. I am educated. I am a bisexual cd. I am not on hormones. My body is not in transition. I have male tits. I prefer to dress part boy and part girl in public. I'm told that I have a beautiful (and it's a perfectly functioning) full size package.

A bit exhibitionistic since childhood, I've never been quite normal, and I love that about myself. I was raised as a nudist in a supportive, liberal environment. My parents (both photographers, sculptors, and artists of the human form) often told me I was beautiful and could be anything I wanted..and I feel they’ve been a wonderful influence on who I am today...

I have been a figure model for years, and my friends have known me to attend regular costume parties completely nude and make new friends. I feel best undraped, I stay outside of the mainstream in about everything I do, including my bedroom fun. I don't differentiate much between the sexes. Beauty and elegance do not discriminate. To me, regardless of age, gender, race, shape or form – the human form in it’s natural state is beauty, it’s desire is beauty, and it’s sex is beauty. In this world today, I feel there aren’t enough of these lovely things. I would like to add to them.

So I know who I am. I am not fucked up in the head. I’m sure it’s obvious that crossing cultural boundries has never bothered me. I am totally secure about who I am. I am always in control. I get lots of invitations for everything. Most are boring. Especially the dick pics with one liners, or the jack handy webcams..boring.

I do enjoy chatting and meeting other tgirlfriends. If I feel playful enough or if someone is really teasing me, I sometimes pleasure my size 5 bod live on my cam - I am a bit of an extrovert. Besides, it just makes me hot to tantalize you with my sweet body, and know that I am adding to someone's sexfun. Ggirls and bi couples will get preferential treatment. But it takes more than 'hi' or 'u r hot' to get my attention. Literacy and diplomacy go a long way with me. You should be capable of holding a semi-proper conversation in a chat window. Pushy, demanding people are a huge turn off. Sensitivity to tg culture (and all cultures) makes you special here. Realize that I am very into androgeny. I express my sexuality through my he/she body. Also, I am not your willing cyber sub. If I play, it’s because you did something right..Learn about tgirls..because kindness makes the world a sweeter place, right?

It's seldom, but I also like meet in person with bi couples and older (than me), straight married men who are tg curious, as long as it's not too much hassle for both parties. Both should be into tgirls, though. I am very oral, love the taste of a wet woman or man. And if massaged and coaxed gently, I get very hot. I'll wear my panties around my ankles for either him or her and be serviced for long periods of time.

But I am bottom (sub) only. This means that I will not top (penetrate) a man. Please don’t ask for my cock to be inside you. I won’t do it. That is for wet vaginas. And I already know that promises for long distance visits don't work out. Everyone tries it. Hasn't worked once. I don't give out my number. I don't like phone sex. I don't go to bed with every invitation I get. I like to believe in and practice safe sex. I like it when others do too.

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10/19/2006 11:51 am

Sounds like you are a well educated and articulate person. It seems that we have both explored similar spaces in the broader gender universe. As I am always looking to find other androgenous individuals to have some intelligent discussions on sexuality and transgenderism, I invite you to check out my blog at


rm_ilovevulva 57M
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10/30/2006 7:38 am

Oops, I screwed up with that URL: It should be

Sorry about that!

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