About tgirls...  

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12/11/2005 11:30 am

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About tgirls...

Hi, welcome to the first entry on my essay.

Tgirls are very special. They offer things that even the prettiest females cannot. In that sense, to the willing and attracted, they are very rare and even more beautiful than many women. Additionally, an astute tgirl is likely to better understand the sexual mind of a man, while the woman could be baffled, confused and maybe even insulted.

Prettyness, softness, submissiveness have all been engrained into the collective male head as what they all *should* be wanting in their mates, and striving to get..it has largely not bothered to include men because they are the ones that are playing the part of purchasing and providing these ammenities for the women they chase.

But I often feel that there is no earthly reason that males cannot join in feeling pretty, desired, and provided for, with the rest of those who feel and know these pleasures.

So in essence, men have not or have rarely been invited to slow down, look around some, learn about themselves. and enjoy the luscious, deep, feelings of the person enjoying the world from a completely different place..the female role.

And I often wonder if a female could fully understand what it is to be desired like a female until she has had to fully supply the desire, adoration, and attention from the male role.

After walking a mile in a man's shoes, I can appreciate heels more...

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