Flat Tire  

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Flat Tire

I borrowed this from a group I belong to. Yes I have a thing for coppers lol

I thought about you all weekend. Sure, I have had women make offers during my career, but I never took any of them seriously.

Being a road cop for 20 years, I certainly have had my share of incidents, and many of them domestics. That's where most of the offers came from. Sure, there were plenty of them on mv stops, but those spontanious, "let me off from this ticket" offers were simply not going to do it. My job wasn't worth it..ever. The domestics
were tough too. So many women, in their most vunerable positions. I could never take advantage of that. Sure, many were quite attractive and sexy, but, again, they were looking to fill a void
and get protection at the same time. I am too nice to take advantage of that. Often I would fantasize after the shift of how it might have been, but that was it. Limited to fantasy only.

You were different. We met by chance. You got a flat, I was patrolling that area. As I pulled behind you, you ran up to my car and told me about you tire. I was stunned by your eyes. They
shined so bright. Your smile was so genuine. Your perfume was so intoxicating. As I changed your tire, you spoke of your life. Your work, your family, your pending divorce. I could not fathom how any man would want to leave you. To me, you were "all that". I was fantasizing about making love to you. About having a girlfriend as
wonderful and passionate as you. You asked me when get off, and I told you in an hour. Then you dropped the bomb. You handed me your license, and told me you wanted to thank me for fixing your tire. I said you don't have to, it's my job. You insisted, and told me the the proper thank you would happen in an hour, when I went to the
address on your license. My heart was pounding for the next hour, and so much as i drove to you house, I thought it was going to pop out of my chest. This could not be real. You were everything I ever wanted in a mate. My luck was never this good. I was scared. Me, a big, burly cop, was scared to death.

My hands were trembling as i rang your bell. You came to the door in a frilly sun dress,
and again, I was stunned by your smile and eyes. As i entered, you smiled bright, and closed the door behind us. You reached for me and pulled me against you. You parted my mouth with your tongue, as I pressed against you, our tongues dancing together, as you felt my hardness against you. We continued to kiss so passionately, as my
hands found your breasts, and I held them and felt them and rubbed my palms against your hardening nipples. You removed my uniform
shirt, then opened my gunbelt, allowing it to drop to the floor.

You opened my belt, and slipped my pants down to my ankles. It felt so good when you kneeled down and mouthed my very hard cock thru my underwear, while your fingers kneeded my ass. You stood up, removed your sun dress, panties and bra, and took me by the hand, leading me to the bathroom. You asked me to remove my briefs, and you smiled
when you saw my size and the large dollop of moisture at the tip. You swooped down on me in an instant, and sensuously licked the tip
of my cock clean, as you moaned and whispered how good I tasted.

You started the shower running, and while waiting for it to get to the perfect warmth, I swirled my tongue around your nipples, getting them rock hard, and I would gently sucked them. As I drew each one into my mouth, I would hear your moan in pleasure. You led me into the shower, and I began to soap your body, from head to toe. I
completely covered you with soap, slowly and methodically, paying special attention to your breasts. Then I kneeled down and resoaped
your lower body, again, methodically. Up and down your legs. Around your ass, your ankles, your feet, your pussy.

I rinsed the soap off of you, and turned you around so your back was facing me. I pressed against you, as my hands softly rubbed your belly, your neck, your hips and your breasts. I bent you over, hands on the shower wall, as I again kneeled down. I parted your cheeks, as you
next felt the warmth of my tongue softly licking circles around your anus. Soon you felt my tongue as it entered your ass, while my fingers entered your pussy. I began to slowly fuck your ass with my tongue, as my fingers fucked your pussy. My index finger began to softly rub against your clit, as I pushed my tongue in deeper, and
moments later you came hard, drenching my hands with your sweet sauce, as the shower water continued to spray on us. As you were
regaining your composure, you soaped up my cock, and you again bent over, asking me to fuck your ass. I still could not believe this
was real. It felt too much like a dream I have repeated in my head forever. You purred as you felt the head of my soap covered engorged cock against your hole, and you pushed hard against me, not wanting to wait any longer for me to penetrate you. I pressed gently into you, as you welcomed me to do so, you still coming down from
your orgasm, and again my hands began to finger your honey, as I penetrated your ass deeper and deeper. Soon I was be buried to my balls, and you were pressing up against me, looking to get me
deeper. I began to stroke in and out, slowly, as my fingers went into you deeper amd faster, and soon you reached orgasm again, yours triggering mine, as I exploded within you, filling your ass with my sweet cum.

As we both recovered, I pulled my flaccid cock from within you, and you kneeled down and with the soap and a wash rag, and washed my cock and balls, still both of us under the warm shower
water. Soon I was erect again from the feeling of your soapy hands on me, and you took me into your mouth, and with your incredibly skilled hands, lips and tongue, I soon cried out in pleasure as you grabbed my ass, pulling me deeper into your mouth, as you pushed a finger into my ass, making me cum instantly, and filling your warm mouth with my cum. You looked up and smiled at me, as you savored the flavor, and swallowed my entire load, with your eyes telling me how good I tasted, We exited the shower, each giving the other a towel to dry with, and you led me to your bed.

You looked so sultry as you lay down on your back, spread your legs and voiced to me "eat
me...eat my pussy so good". And you knew I would never say no. How could I. Not only did I love to go down on a woman, but now I was doing this to someone was beautiful and loving as you. Between my fingers and tongue deep within you, you would soon cum again, and in the middle of your orgasm you screamed for me to fuck you, so I got
on top of your quivering body and eased my cock into your pussy.

You were so wet that I hit bottom on the first stroke, as you began to finger my large balls, as I began to stroke you in and out, all the way out, all the way in. We continued this position, and in between your moans, you admitted to me you had fantasized about fucking a cop for so long, but had never acted upon it until today.

You told me you loved cops, and belonged to cop groups on Yahoo, and your flat tire had finally manifested fantasy into reality, as you
yelled for me to slam into you faster and harder. You came harder then before, and as I had not yet cum, you told me you wanted to go on top, and we turned, still fully coupled, until I was on my back.

You began to rotate your hips and as I grabbed for your awesome tits, you began to give me the fuck of my life, your pussy so wet, yet so snug, as I finally let go of your breasts, and grabbed your hips to pull you to me, and away, to me, and away, and as we perfected our sexual rhythm, we both were on cloud nine, totally consumed by passion and pleasure, totally in love with each other, as I yelled out loud baby I'm coming, and shot stream after stream of my cum deep into you, as you bent over and kissed me hard and
passionatly...both of us knowing that at this moment, this was totally right, and we both deserved the emotional, mental and physical release we were giving each other.

If I could only find you in reality.

longdick712 62M

3/27/2007 6:19 pm

Ah!yes.I do like this one.& also enjoyed your writings boxergirl.

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