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1/18/2006 9:34 pm

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living in nyc

i must say nyc is a fast town.....most relationships dont last as long as it takes to build a new apt building. so y should u wait a yr to figure out if u wanna shack up wif ur man? do u know how expensive it is to keep 2 apts in chelsea? york is all bout illusion. we live in a very theatrical world....if u always wanted a long term relationship, then set up ur place to look like u have 1, n presto!!all ur new frens.....whom u've also known for only 3 mths.... think u been 2gether 4ever!! doll, in new york, life goes fast, n u have to make it look like u're up to something. fancy decorators make a killing creating dat old money look in new apts..... so y not get dat old relationship look in ur new romance???

also, if u pretend u've been 2gether 4ever, it'll b ezier to meet tricks n score 3ways bcoz ppl will think u're tired n bored wif ur lover....sounds like these queens r pragmatists:: since relationships have a short shelf life, y not make it look like u've been @ it for a while?

or maybe they're so excited to finally b involved wif some1 dat they wan to get all the trappings on the table rite r much cheaper than arts, so may b they r doing the ikea decorating thing n filling up all their pics frames wif recent photos to finish the apt, wif the plan to replace them as time marches on.

do u really wan to date somebody an entire yr b4 u decide to get serious? this is a "grab the bull by his horns" kind of town. if u dont take him off the market, some1 else WILL.

sure, it's nice to take it slowly n keep separate apts, but u could rent a fabulous house @ the beach wif the $$ u save sharing a tiny studio wif ur bf . this is the town where things change quickly:: boys morph frm skinny queens to muscle men in 8 weeks, clubs remain hot for 6 weekends n shows n restaurants open n close overnite. besides, the pollution n traffic shorten all of our life expectancies, so wat r u waiting for??


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