First Posts are good  

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9/17/2005 2:01 pm

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First Posts are good

Saturday afternoon here, and I have a head cold. bummer. Anyway, I watched the Lifestyles video last night with my fiance and decided to get back into my AdultFriendFinder account.

About two years ago we had a couples "party" after a night of heavy drinking and we ended up actually swapping. The whole next day we nursed our hangover, but we couldn't stop giggling about the night before. For the next month or so, our sex life was on fire, and I hoped something like that would happen again. Anyway, it's 2+ years since then, and although we've discussed the possibilities a few times, the same concerns come up over and over.

Do you swing with people you know already, or complete strangers? The one time we had a couples play party, things just happened with friends we knew, and there were no odd feelings after that. However, how do you bring up the idea to new friends? Then, if you do decide to have a party with complete strangers, there just seem to be risks with that situation as well. What if the couple if pushy, or worse? What if things just get really uncomfortable?

Anyway, any comments would be great. I think we would both be willing to meet some cool people and maybe play a bit, but not really sure how to proceed.

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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9/17/2005 7:54 pm

I am not the one to ask that question to as I haven't done the swing thing - nor, would I know anything about how to get it set up.

In the meantime, welcome to blogland. I hope you will enjoy blogging as much as I have.


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