Taken With Out Permission  

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Taken With Out Permission

Woozy with a hangover I open my eyes in hopes that the room will stop from spinning. I am shivering from a strong breeze hitting my body. A blurred vision of a ceiling fan above me, trying to focus I realize it’s the fan that was what made me feel so cold. I try and sit up to find a cover, then realize I am in a strange bedroom, not only am I in a strange bedroom, I’m tied to the bed posts. Frantically trying to remember the night before I rest my body back down on the bed. When I relax my body I realize how sore it is. Every part of my body feels tender, not only around my wrists and ankles from the restraints but my ribs, my breasts, my pussy and even my anis feels violated in some way. I take a deep breath to try and control my mind from over analyzing and shake my head at my stupidity. I yell out, “Helloooooooooo.” No body answered me. “Hello, is there anybody out there?” Great, I’m stuck here with short-term memory loss, I’m sore, and I’m cold. Look at the situations I get myself into! I anxiously try to free myself from my restraints, pulling my arms, twisting my wrists, and kicking my legs, harder and faster I try to free myself. My breath quick and more fearful, I yell out louder, “Help me! Somebody help me!” I can hear keys fumbling around outside the door and I quit my historicalness. I’m tense but at a standstill, my heart pounding so fast I can feel it throbbing through my whole body, I hold my breath as the door slowly opens. A man comes in with a tray of food and bends over to put the tray on the floor.

“Good morning my Nasty Little Slave Cunt.” He says with a devilish smile on his face, “You were so incredible last night!” He sits himself next to me on the bed. Dazed and confused I asked him,

“Where am I?” He replies,

“Your in my home, where all good Slave Cunts should be.”

“Untie me now, please.” I plead assertively.

“You are in no kind of condition to be handing out orders”, he says as he traces his finger around my errect nipple. “You must be cold from the fan, look how it’s making your nipples so hard.”

“Yes, I’m very cold, could you let me loose so I can dress myself.”

“No, I cant do that, you are far to precious for me to let go,” he answers.

A tear begins to trickle down my face as I come to the realization of the situation I put myself into. My heart continues to beat with such force, my body shivering along with my pouting lip. His hand traces my face slowly and tells me how unbelievable I was the night before.

“You are the best little cock sucker that I’ve ever experienced.” He says, as his fingers lightly grazed my lips. I pull away from him. Straining my brain to remember what I did the night before. “I met you last night in the bar, don’t you remember dancing with me?” That memory quickly came back to me.

“Yes, but how did I get here?”

“ Well, I knew that you were sensual by the way you danced, and I knew that you were a diamond in the ruff waiting to be shinned. So, when I bought you a drink I slipped you a micky.” I quickly remembered rubbing my body against his as we danced, and kissing him. I remember feeling very uninhibited and very aroused by him. But that’s it; my memories are lost from there. “Now why don’t you show me what a good cock sucker you are again.” He said as he stands up and shows me his big hard on.

“Please, just let me go, I wont bring charges against you, just let me go and let me leave.” His hand begins to rub up my thigh. His warmth is creating goose bumps to my chilled body and I try by best to ignore it. I refuse to give him the satisfaction of knowing how good it feels.

“I’ll let you go”, he says, with a smirk on his face, if you let me have just one more time with you. With out any drugs altering your sexuality.”

“You promise to release me?” I ask, with my bottom lip still quivering from being cold.

“Yes, I promise; but, by the time we are through, you may never want to leave.” He says with a smug smile to his face and runs his hand slowly up my thigh. I notice his face; he is a very handsome older man. He has crow’s feet around his eyes, which shows his ability to smile often, and full soft lips. He has dark piercing eyes and dark hair to match, with gray on the sides. Although he has great looks, the situation I am in makes me want to hurl at his smugness so I roll my eyes back into my head so that I don’t have to see him anymore.

“That’s right, just relax and let me see your beautiful body.” “Mmm, your nipples are so hard, they look like they need some extra attention.” He leans down and I feel his warm breath breathing on me right before I feel the wetness of his mouth around my stiff nipple. I let out a sigh, and although it is meant to sound discussed, it sounds more of a moan from pleasure.

“Did I just make that sound?”(I think to myself.) I could feel his strong hand begin to explore the folds of my flower. He whispers to me,

“ I love the way you taste.” And rearranged his body above mine. With my eyes still closed, and my limbs still bounded I can’t help but notice the way he is treating my body. He spreads my lips with his fingers and begins to lap at my clit.

I am quiet and holding my breath, frigid from fear and discuss, I am not about to let him seduce me under these circumstances. He licks me for what seems to be an hour, never letting up. I can feel my body begin to tense up even more. Not out of fear, but out of pleasure. For an hour, I ignored his succubus ways, and refused to surrender to his talents. But my clit becomes to swollen and erect. He licks me into an orgasm, an orgasm I can no longer hide. My body shakes, my breath are fast and quick,

“Oh my god, please” I begged. “O god, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” I screamed out as my body convulses into an uncontrollable orgasm. Trying to hold back, “I beg him, “Please stop!” He keeps on going. I am breathing so fast, I feel like I’m going to hyperventilate. He continues to lick me, and then presses his finger against my anis.

“One more time for me.” He says with his tongue still pressing against my clit. He inserts his finger slowly into my ass using only the moisture from my wet pussy. I give out a gasp of enjoyment as he slurps my cunt. His mouth mounts my pussy hole and sticks his tongue deep inside me. All my uncertainties collapse. I just want my hands free so I can push his face further into my pulsating pussy. I start to talk to him,

“Fuck you are so good, mmmmm, I am going to cum so hard for you.”

“That’s it.” He says with a mouth full, “Give it to me, and give me all you have.” He has one finger in my ass, one or two in my cunt, and his tongue licking away at my clit. I am no longer cold, no longer afraid; all I want is to cum again. He orders me to cum again. “Cum now Slave Cunt, now!” My back arched as far as it could even with the restraints holding me down. “That’s it baby, squirt it into my mouth.” I heard his muffled voice say.

“O fuck, O fuck, ooooooooo fuck” I scream out, “please” “fuck” “o my god, I’m Cumming.”

“Squirt it,” he demands. And I do. I cum so hard that my face feels numb, it starts to quiver along with my legs and my pussy. “Wow, look how much you came he says as he consumes it like a tasty treat. I feel the room’s temperature raising quickly, my body damp with beads of sweat and Tears streaming down my face as I try to regain my control. The tingle between my legs feel so unbelievable, I feel as though I were given the ultimate drug or even a taste of heaven.

“O my god, o my god.” It’s all I could manage to say. My breath so fast and hard, my chest caving in and out gasping for air as he moves his mouth from my throbbing pussy to my wheezing mouth. “O my god, o god” I continue to whisper as his soft lips touch mine. He holds both sides of my face and says, with our lips still touching,

“That’s my good little Slave cunt.” I am confused because he is so gentle and kind, I can’t imagine him being so brutal as to tie me up. That’s when I hear the door creak open and another voice came into play.

“I told you to only lure her to me, not play with her!” The man who was on top of me quickly jumped off and said,

“I’m sorry Master.” Please don’t punish her, punish me!”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you, I think you would like that too much! Now get over here and get your collar on.” The man who had seduced me into the best orgasm of my life was nothing more than a cowering sleaze. The man who introduces himself as “Master” walks up to the bed clapping his hands.

“Bravo, Tammy, Bravo, your performance was excellent. I filmed the whole thing if you’d like to see for your self on what a great show you gave.” I am disgusted at the recognition of my nightmare just beginning.

I begin to throw a tantrum, kicking my legs vigorously, pulling my arms and screaming at the top of my lungs. “Let me go you Asshole!” Tears flooded my face, causing my black make-up to run and sting my eyes. I managed to free one of my hands and quickly began to untie my other hand. Master snaps his fingers, as I keep fighting my way out. The Male Slave, later known as Sudeo grabs my free wrist and holds on. I reluctantly give up.

“You shall be punished for that,” Says Master, as he slaps what looks to be a horsewhip into his hand. “One lash for throwing your childish tantrum and another for calling me an Asshole. I will be referred as Master or Sir only, understand?” He then motioned his head at Sudeo and said, “Spread her lips.” Sudeo reaches down for something that looked like little clamps and attaches them to my lips pulling them apart. Before I could say a word, Master pulls back his whip and slaps the inside of my cunt.

“Ouch!” I scream! He told me that if I yelled out again for the next punishment there would be three more to follow. This time he raised his arm up as far as it could go, and with all his might he whacks the whip into my opening. My body flinches; I hold my breath so that I can tolerate the pain.

“Look how nice and red it is Sudeo.” Master says, go down there and bite her clit.” Sudeo spread my legs wide and bites into my clit as hard as he can with out drawing blood. My body contracts, I’m not sure out of pain or pleasure.

Watching Sudeo bite into me like a vampire must have aroused Master. He pulls his pants down and reveals his abnormally large unit.

“O my god!” I think to myself. It is like to 10 to 12 inches long and 3 to 4 fingers wide. Master reaches over me and unties my limbs. Then turns my head to lay just off the side of the bed.

“If you do what I say, then you can avoid another punishment,”

“Yes sir.” I say humbly. Sudio un-clips the clamps and I give out a sigh of relief. He begins to kiss the welts on my ankles and slowly up my leg. Master tells me to open my mouth wide. (I have always been told I have a “flip-top” head do to my ability to open my mouth so wide, and I’m quit proud of it too.) Now is my opportunity to use it. With my head off the side of the bed, Master spreads my mouth wide using the head of his cock and forcing it in deep, which makes me gag. I adjust my throat and open it wider for deeper penetration. I try to grab Masters cock with my hand but he orders me not too and tells me to pinch my nipples. As I tweaked my own nipples Sudio is positioning himself between my legs. Lifting them up far above my head and as wide as they can go. He gently presses his hard veiny cock into my already red throbbing hole. He begins to fuck me hard but slow and hands my legs over to Master, who holds them up over my head. Master Rocks his cock deep inside my mouth, stretching it as wide as I can. Sudeo working his way like a locamotive, starting out slow and steadily advancing in speed and technique. Harder and faster! Master reaches his strong caulis hands down to my pussy and pinches my clit. Because of the punishment my pussy feels somewhat numb, but when Master pinches my battered clit it comes back to life.

“mmmmm” I hear myself moan out. It feels so good. I forget that I am a slave and start to really get into it. Taking this once in a lifetime opportunity and fulfilling every moment with as much pleasure as I possible can. I reach around Master, grabbing his tight ass, spreading his cheeks and pressing my middle finger against his anis muscle.

When I do this, he shoves his humongous cock deep into my throat causing me to gag and gurgle. He pulls out calmly to let me compose myself.

“Good girl,” he says, then put his massive manhood back into my mouth. Sudio reached over and whips the tears from my face, and then licks his fingers to taste the salt.

Sudeo’s moans become louder and faster, Master warns him not to cum, that if he does cum to soon, both of us will be punished. Sudeo stops pounding me and stands still inside me and just watches Master do his deed. Master leans his body down across mine and begins to nibble and lick my exceptionally stimulated clit. My legs are spread wide, and my mouth full with his pre-cum. At times I couldn’t even breath because his sword is so deep down my throat and blocks my air way. Gasping for air, yet trying to focus on my up coming orgasm. I can feel it rising through my body like hot lava ready to explode like a volcano. My body shaking, goose bumps over taking every inch of my being.

. He stops. Then stands up. He demands me to stand up as well. Sudeo pulls his swollen, dripping cock from my cunt and crouches down on the bed as I stand up and face Master.

“Sudeo, I want you to sit at the edge of this bed.” He follows Masters directions. “Now, my little Slave Cunt, I want you to sit your tight little ass down on his cock.” I am nervous and I hesitate. Even though I am dripping wet from my pussy, I am concerned that I am not wet enough to lube up for anal penetration. He tells me to bend over, and pulls my hair to guide me. He then reaches down to grab some K-Y jelly and drips it down the crack of my ass as Sudeo spreads my cheeks for him and rubs the K-Y in. Sticking a finger or two inside me to make sure I am ready for Sudeo’s love rod. Master then guided me down to sit on top of Sudeo. He squats before me to watch Sudeo’s cock enter my rigid ass hole. Master is talking me through the excruciating pain, he holds my face and redirects my attention.

“Yes, relax, good girl, you are so beautiful, I love to watch your face as you take him in.” He actually brings my lips to his. He kisses me; A toe-curling kiss! It is long, wet and pleasantly pleasing. A good diversion from what is happening to my ass. Before I know it, I am sitting all the way down on Sudeo’s rock hard cock. Master pushes me away and lays me down on top of Sudeo. He then sticks his red thick cock into my disciplined pussy. He stands up and leans against Sudeo and me on the bed. Stretching my pussy the furthest it’s ever been. He lifts my legs up over his shoulders and leans back to watch his cock disappear into my hole. The pain and pleasure was too much to bear.

“Oh My God!” I moan out, “mmmmmmm, yes! That feels so good, fuck me hard and fast, yeah, ooooo shit.” Both my holes filled, Sudeo is sucking on the back of my neck and does his best to pump upwards. Master is kissing me so passionately; he sucks on my bottom lip as I his upper. Pumping his extraordinary Cock deep into my craving pussy. I have never experienced such bliss. It is like I have lost myself, and with that all my worries and concerns. I am drunk with pure lust and desire. All three of us moaning and groaning, breathes hard and quick. Sweat dripping from every pour. I can feel them both inside me. Equally their cocks shove deep inside me, pressing against one another almost like a duel to see who can give me the most pleasure. Once again I am ready to cum. I wonder if I should try to hide the symptoms of my orgasm from Master in fear that he will deny me the opportunity. I can’t hide it. I end up pleading with Master,

“Please, Sir, Please Master, let me cum.” He doesn’t answer me. “Please,” I beg louder. “Oh shit, Fuck, I can’t hold it in Master! Oh god, Fuck, Fuck, Fuuuuuuuck!” My body quivering, my black tears dripping down the side of Masters shoulders I hold my breath waiting for Masters permission. He grabs my hair and twists it into his fist. He pulls it hard and tells me,

“Cum, Now!” That’s all I needed to lead me into an earth shaking orgasm. I can feel my insides contracting as the flow of my cum oozes out slowly. Sudeo also pleads Master,

“Me too sir, I can’t hold it any longer.” Master pulls his cock out of my throbbing wet cunt, and tells me to open my mouth. He has his fist still grabbing my long hair, pulling me down to where the head of his dripping cock is. “Yes, you may cum” he says, “But I want to watch you cum.” As he says this, he shoots his creamy load all over my mouth. It is on my lips and breasts. Sudeo stands me up, then turned me around to add to my cum mask. He sticks his cock between my breasts and strokes it up and down between them, shooting his consignment all over my breasts. I lean down to suck him dry, but he pushed me away saying it tickles too much. Master orders him to let me do what I wish. When I was done slurping every oz of his delicious cream he then falls back onto the bed like an old liption Ice tea commercial. I collapses next to him, and Master next to me. He is petting my hair telling me what a good girl I am and kisses my cheek.

“You are a beautiful Slave cunt aren’t you?” he says to me, before he closes his eyes and falls fast asleep.

Sudeo was right, I think to myself before I too fall asleep in both their arms. He warned me that I may never want to leave and right now I am very content and have no wish to escape.

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you write some kinky ass shit hehe

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Yes....first time conquests are so very satifying.


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You've got a healthy imagination.

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