The Irony (in regards to the previous post)  

rm_boov11 39M
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4/25/2006 10:29 pm
The Irony (in regards to the previous post)

In the recent past I find myself looking inwardly and evaluating how I interpret the world. I attribute this to three basic influences; age, having children and facing adversity. With these comes humility. I have worked hard to put myself through college and get to where I am today, but it is amazing how the world, some may say God, can put you in check. Standing inside the Grand Canyon can reduce your ego down to where you feel like a speck of sand in a moment in time; I suppose we are.

Next time you're aboard an airplane simply watch all the people and their worldly possessions move farther and farther away from you. What would they care if you never returned? I find myself looking for the people and places I hold dear from 30,000 feet above the earth. I interpret this experience as returning to a simpler state of mind; one that I see as my children innocently play with no care of the “realities” of the “real world”. How nice it would be live in such innocence for an entire lifetime.

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