rm_boov11 39M
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5/6/2006 12:09 am

After examining all the input in the "People Suck!?!" post I have reached the conclusion, people do suck. Why is this? How did it come about? Well, I happen to have a theory in regards to the downward spiral of mankind. During mans' humble beginnings the survival rate was amazingly low, as was life expectancy, which placed a large responsibility on each individual. Those unable to uphold their responsibilities quickly fell prey to the survival of the fittest. I’m assuming we’re all familiar with the terms, survival of the fittest and natural selection. Over time it essentially made the human species what we are today. However, in the modern age natural selection doesn’t really influence man; medicine overcomes bacteria and disease, the elements are controlled by central temperature controls in the house, and the examples could go on. Essentially, man has reached the panicle of development, evolutionarily speaking. Unfortunately, without natural selection whomever wishes to procreate is able to do so, with few exceptions. This means any dumb ass can have a kid. If we are to believe evolution and the passing of genes from generation to generation then the offspring will surely following in the footsteps of dumb assedness (great made-up word).

Does anyone else find it bizarre the state requires a license to do just about anything except for raising a child? Solution: Every male born in America receives a vasectomy upon birth. Once said male has taken a parenting course and signs an agreement with mate to raise the child the procedure is reversed.

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