Awkward Moment  

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4/27/2006 12:16 am

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Awkward Moment

I got in a conversation today discussing awkward moments. Here are two secondhand, second….hand, accounts which came from said conversation.

Event #1:

A high boy picks a girl up for dinner and a movie; quite the romantic evening for a high school couple’s first date. The evening is going well as the conversation flows and she is happy when the boy is a gentleman and picks up the bill. As the couple continues discussions as they wait for the movie to begin the boy’s stomach starting becoming unsettled. Soon he is trying to softly let out a little gas. His efforts are paying off, she doesn’t seem to notice. However, twenty minutes into the movie the stomach gets the better of him when as he is trying to let a little gas out some of the solid stuff also finds its way out. What to do!?! He quietly sneaks out to the washroom, but after several minutes of getting cleaned up insecurities begin to set in. Does she know? Could she smell me? What should I do? The boy decides to cut his loses and leave. He left the poor girl in the theater, with no ride home. She had to call her father once the movie ended.

Event #2:

The same boy just weeks later manages to land a date with a girl who hadn’t caught wind (haha) of the above story. In an effort to avoid the mistakes made previously the restaurant isn’t Mexican and there is always a bathroom close by. The night is coming to an end and as they approach her front door his heart is racing…the kiss is on the way. As their lips meet his nervousness melts into relaxation. He becomes so relaxed that out comes the loudest fart he had ever experienced. He simple turned and walked to his car…without a word or a glance back he drove off.

Okay girls, and guys, can you top those awkward moments?

gypsy1629 41F

4/27/2006 1:07 am

No I think not...If by some chance I could I would really have to think about it...if I think of anything I will get back to you.


rm_boov11 40M

4/30/2006 10:51 pm

So after getting these stories from my source he comes back with another one from his friend. Here it is;

For some strange reason I decided it would be a great idea to meet my newly found girlfriend’s parents. When we get to her house, surprisingly, everything is going great. I’m talking all suave like and everyone is laughing at my jokes. I mean sincerely laughing. Going into this adventure I had decided to talk as little as possible because when I do everything always ends up going badly, but I let my guard down once everything had been going smoothly. Surprising the whole night continues down this path. I’m thinking this girl really is my girlfriend now. I’m thinking where we may be in a couple years. As we are making our way to the door at the end of the night we start reminiscing while looking at the family pictures on the wall. In family pictures I was the one that always made that stupid face. Remember how hard it was to be serious during those times when you were supposed to be serious. I was always bracing for that swat from dad and the line, “so help me if you don’t smile!” Okay back to the picture I’m standing in front of. Everyone looks so nice…except for the girl with the funny look on her face. Wanting to get in that one last laugh I jokingly say, “Nice face.” As I turn around I see steam coming out of her father’s ears. Um, yeah…turns out it was her cousin that had a facial deformity and had passed away a few months earlier. So it didn’t end up working out between the two of us.

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