The Reluctant Kisser  

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6/18/2006 11:59 am

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The Reluctant Kisser

True story...


I'd been doing the online dating thing for a few months by the time I met you. I had had some success on the vanilla dating scene, but the kinky dates had only surfaced occasionally, and I needed a little more excitement, and less of the "nice to meet you, let's get a drink, dance, then maybe later I'll let you TRY to kiss me." That is such bullshit. And here you were... giving me the challenge... saying "oh, kissing leads to sex, and it's too early in our relationship for that." More bullshit! I am tired of playing games, and I won't tolerate it any more.

The reason I am with you on this second date, besides your being a hot, hardbodied little tease, is that I noticed you like it rough, you like to be controlled, and you think you're naughty. But naughty to you is doing something you hadn't done before. Like fucking on the second date, for instance. You will learn that being naughty is the means by which you draw punishment upon yourself. With me, you will find rewards and enjoyments. But you will also find the urge to break my rules, and become a disrespectful, insolent little bitch, because you have an insatiable desire to be punished and forced into compliance.

At first, I thought your resistance was hot. It got me excited, and I liked the way you pulled your head back and away when I came close to kiss you, and I could never even plant a kiss on you by surprise. As the time passed that evening, however, your evasive lips frustrated and annoyed me. Talking about it was no longer an option on this, our second meeting. My patience had limitations, and your refusals to my verbal demands had reached and surpassed those limitations, which is why I am no longer going to ask you for the kiss I am going to get from you.

Tonight, sitting in a booth in the middle of the place, I ignored your pleas to be descreet in front of the people crowded around us in the bar. Your resistance makes more of a scene than the kissing act itself actually does. People expect us to kiss. They don't expect you to resist me. Knowing this, I had my arm behind you resting on the back of the bench seat, with my elbow wrapped around your neck and hand on your shoulder. I came close to you and I could feel your hair and neck press against my arm as you moved your head away from mine at the same rate as my approach. But my elbow stopped your withdrawal and my forearm prevented you from turning your head away. I moved slowly, so that you could sense the control I had in this situation. My other hand had been placed firmly on your thigh so that you could feel that I was not going to let you rise out of your seat, or slip away in some other fashion. You had heard enough instructions from me already. You did not need any verbal explanations about how, at this moment, you will be kissed. You will give up that which you had been trying to keep to yourself, forcing me to steal it from you.

My mouth neared your face. At first I kissed your cheek, below your eye. By this time, you were held solidly within the vice my arm made around your neck and head. Below the table, I moved my other hand a little further up on your thigh, under your short denim skirt I pressed more firmly, feeling the heat spread down the surface of the bare skin of your leg. Your resistance made me hotter and more determined to establish my control. I didn't kiss you immediately. I felt your hot breath against my lips. I paused to sense the intensity of the moment. Then I put my lips against yours, feeling soft at first. Then, more firmly, and still slowly, I pressed inwards. In moments, your tense resistance passed in a wave, almost a shudder, as you surrendered to me.

This was only the beginning. I had other plans for you as well.

You were going to get over this hangup, and I was going to help you. You were not only going to give up this kiss to me, you were also going to make me cum by the end of the night with those naughty lips that were so reluctant to be touched by anything but my fingertips. Eventually, I will show you how much you desire to have your other lips touched, licked, fingered and fucked.


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6/22/2006 7:52 pm

Yummmy, love this one too! Really wish you'd come visit Tennessee!

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