Less Reluctant --- Rewarded!  

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Less Reluctant --- Rewarded!


If you like what you read, then please let me know. How the heck do I get more readers for this stuff? There have only been a handful of views for a couple weeks... WTF? Watch my blog. More stories will cum later!!


Same reluctant kisser... less reluctant now, same night.



After we left the bar, we headed out to the parking lot. Only one tall light post lit the entire parking lot, and some parts of the area were bright, and others were dark. We got out to your car and stopped behind it. Without saying a word, we kiss. I lean back on the bumper, pull you in towards me, straddle your legs and hips, and securely plant a kiss. Our eyes shut to hide the light of the lot, hide the headlights of the cars leaving the bar, hide the late night passers-by, and draw us into the depths of the kiss. You were still a little reluctant to open your mouth, but I could sense that you wanted to follow my lead. I sucked on your tongue a little, slipped my tongue into your cheek and out again, then grazed your teeth with it. You opened up a little more, and at that precious opportunity, I hooked your tongue with mine and sucked it hard into my mouth. Your body reacted and followed along by pressing up closer against me.

We had become locked in a passionate kiss: unrelenting, uninhibited, unsurpassed in magnitude by any other experiences of your recent memory. Hot in the brain, and hot between the legs, we were bound in desire. While one of my hands was holding your neck and head, occasionally establishing a firm grip on a bundle of your hair, and pressing you toward me, the other had been roaming freely up and down from your shoulder to your ass, squeezing during calculated moments to enhance our kisses.

Your firm and tight body was small enough for my arm to wrap around your waist to your opposite hip. As I lean in toward you, I put my arm all the way around your back to your butt, round and firm in my hand. With the other, I get ahold of your thigh, my fingers probing between your thighs from the rear. I feel the heat there, and move further down across your skirt to the skin on the back of your thigh. I stop to rub firmly there, and adjust the way I hold you, so you to put your weight on your other leg, and in this way I lift your thigh and calf around me, exposing to my other hand your wet panties. I cup your heat for a moment, finding your body language clearly indicating your enjoyment, and you rotate your hips toward my exploring hand. Meanwhile, the other one carresses your leg, now hoisted up and propped up on the bumper, slightly outstretched, as a flexible ballerina would have it. Delicately, I slip a finger between your panties and skin, and carefully pull the fabric away to expose your precious mound to my hunting fingers.

With my dextrous fingers, I feel your soft precious flesh and kiss you even hotter as I nimbly divide the lips of your labia to expose your clit, wet and already slightly hard from excitement. Touching gingerly, softly between your legs, fingers rubbing and moving to spread your wetness all around your pussy. Intense heat spreads rapidly. Breathing quickens. Faster. Heavier. You anticipate the fantastic thrill of penetration will be soon in this passion, but never soon enough. I recognize the power of this anticipation, and maintain the steady escalation of desire. I wait. I continue. I tease. You ache in anticipation.

Explosions of delight make you shudder. I hold your raised leg with one hand, as the other digs into your loins, penetrating deeply with the longest of my fingers. First a single finger, then, after wetting the other one with your hot pussy juices, both fingers go plunging up inside of you. Steady and rhythmic, my fingers are fucking you as you didn't think possible. When you remember to stop holding your breath, you suck in the 3 o'clock night air, gasping, panting, desiring, wanting, craving. You wrap your leg around me, trying to close in on my probing, poking fingers. I hold your ass with my loose hand, and pump up and down with my other one, as though I'm playing some kind of erotic sexual instrument. This music no longer is confined to the nearby area out of listening range of others. There is now a distinct possibility of coming to people's attention to draw a crowd, were it not for the late hour of night. All creatures were home, and you were just beginning to find a new home in the lust of the night. You are also finding your voice. As you moan and attempt to stifle your screams, you open your gratified eyes to look into mine for a moment. Then you slam them shut again as your body shivers and shakes, shuddering from an intense orgasm that has now taken control of your entire being. It is all I can do to keep you mainly upright, and keep you from falling to the ground as you all but shake yourself loose from my firm hold.

You regain consciousness, and I regain my balance, and finally, you are cognizant that your hand had found my cock, over my pants zipper and down my leg, pumping steadily, gripping tightly. You straighten yourself, shove your free hand into your purse to touch your keys and unlock your car with a chirp. Without letting go of me, you lead me to the rear leather seats of your spacious SUV for more action. -BZ


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sportsfan362436 47F

6/26/2006 4:43 am

~WOW~....... such detail..... now I find my breathing has shallowed as well.

*Smiles, kisses n hugz*

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