It all begins with a Kiss  

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6/20/2006 5:42 pm

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It all begins with a Kiss

This is the original story I wrote over a month ago. I only posted it as an article in the magazine section.
It's called What I will do to you.

My new blog is beginning to take shape, and it turns out that most of it will probably be stories based on experiences I've had or fantasized about.

I thought it would be a good idea to include the first story here, since the other two are already here in my blog.




What I will do to you.........

I will make you cum, again and again. If you're a squirter, then you will flood the sheets. Get out the towels.

It all begins with the kiss. If you kiss me, I won't let you get away with just a peck, or a quick kiss. Once you've had my kiss, you will feel like it's quicksand and you can't get away. I can make you want to go to bed, just from the kiss. Our kiss will melt you and make you hot. When you know about my kiss, it becomes dangerous to kiss me, because it demands follow-through. And if you don't have time... then you will suffer for the whole day. If I kiss you on a Monday morning, after a spectacular weekend, it will last all week long, and you will miss my kiss every day.

Once you succumb to the kiss, I will follow you to your bedroom. You will lead me to your bed, where, if you choose to have the first turn to disrobe, I will tease you out of your clothing. But only slowly. There is plenty of skin still exposed before we begin to undress. I will torture you with my kisses. You will anticipate the next one... where will it be? I get behind you, my hands explore the front of your body. You feel how much I like you as I rub up against you, and I attack the back of your neck with my lips. The ear is an amazing thing... very sensitive in so many ways. First, my kisses will lead from your shoulder up your neck to the back of your head, to the sensitive area behind your ear. You will shiver as I touch your ear with my lips. Then you will experience an indescribable pleasure as my tongue gets involved... not into the ear just yet, but on and around it. The inside of your ear is very special. You feel my heavy breathing as my mouth gets close to your ear, and your legs get weak as I touch you delicately with my flicking tongue and hot lips, around and into the cartilage of your ear.

Meanwhile, my fingers have expertly undone your jeans... jeans because you wanted to show me your beautiful body and ass, making my imagination undress you when we met for the first time. Button and zipper open, my fingers gently touch the skin just below your navel, pausing for a moment in that lower area to discover the soft, small tufts belonging to the landing strip above your heaven's-box.

While one of my hands is finding the best way to remove your pants, the other one is moving up your other hip, over your blouse and breast, to the collar, where I pull it away from your neck, revealing more of your shoulder. My kisses reach the skin of your shoulder, and fingers reach for the buttons of your blouse.

Under my spell, you turn yourself around to face me, with your hand targeting the hot hardness between my own legs. Our lips meet with explosive passion, and I pull you tightly to me. The next few moments fly as we go from partially to fully undressed. Our clothes collect into a pile together on the floor next to the bed. With aggression, you move me in front of the bed, and push me down into it, while my feet remain on the floor. I discover your skills as you kneel between my knees. Moments pass, and my eyes roll into the back of my head, as my body quakes in ecstasy. You have proven yourself to be ultimately beyond description in your ability to satisfy.

As I recover my motor skills, I guide you onto your back. I position you and touch your thighs in a way that makes it clear that you will be reciprocated. I kneel, and you spread your wings for me with the gentle prodding of my warm hands. ...

... More? Contact me for the real life conclusion.


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