rm_boomerI965 51M
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8/19/2006 9:27 pm

I am married, I love my wife but am not in love wirh her, I tried to keep it going by having kids (my choice)but that only seems to drag my life out. I will do anything for my kids and that is why I stick around, I dont believe in dead beat dads.I give so much for the family. What i want for myself is to be with someone else....dont judge me for being honest..thats how i feel. I want a SPARK! I want to feel new. refreshed, I want to run to my computer and see If i got email from someone I shared everything i can share with.

I know I am married!

I have women that would love me to be single only so they can keep for their own, im what they call a keeper!

As bad as It sounds . I would like to meet someone who would like explore possiblities with me.

I made bad mistakes in the past, cheating id wrong, but I really need this!

Am i that much of an asshole?

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