Working the PC Muscle  

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11/12/2005 8:25 am

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Working the PC Muscle

Have woefully had to spend a lot of time at home recently and so been partying less. Have discovered that with persistent work one can actually strengthen your PC muscle. The reason I'm interested is that there is one guy on this site who claims he can have 4 to 5 orgasms before he actually ejaculates!! How cool is that.

Basically in the morning whilst trying to get out of bed I now do a few exercises.
1. Fast clench and unclench of the PC muscle say 200 times.
2. Then I take my balls in my hands and pull them up towards my navel.....and do another 200 reps. Each time I clench I can feel the muscle pulling my balls, quite amazing.
It seems that as the muscles get stronger I can feel more. Like towards the end of the 400 clenches I find I can't feel the clench as strongly.

If you do a search under "PC Muscle" on the sex secrets part of the magazine site you will read many other guys tips on this subject.

Girls can do similar exercises that will give them stronger "grip" if I can put it that way. It explains why when some girls come they just about squeeze you dry, whilst others are more of a soft flutterIf a girl puts her finger inside her kitty, then she'll feel the squeeze each time she clenches the PC muscle.

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