When good gets better......  

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1/8/2006 3:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

When good gets better......

Every now and then you have an experience that redefines everything you thought you new. Last night was one of those experiences.

It starts with how we meet, after suggesting we meet, her invitation comes back saying hell yes! When? Chatting on the phone she makes me laugh, and I think "this is good" all wicked sex starts with a wicked and entertaining mind.

As her fantasy is to meet as strangers, i lay out our meeting to make the most of our first meeting. I have not seen her face, and do not know her name.

I drive to her place quite late at night, she leaves her door unlocked. I knock and walk in to find her with her full figure filling a short white dress, her back to me with her wild hair balancing her wildly sexy ass that wiggles back at me. I tell her to strip one piece of clothing off at a time. For each piece she takes off I take off a piece, till we both stand naked. Her back stays turned to me, I walk up behind her and press my nakedness against hers, my hot hard cock pressing against her bum, my hands cupping her breasts, my mouth kissing her neck. Then she turns and we kiss as I run my fingers down into her wet pussy lips, and marvel at her beauty and the deliciousness of her kisses.

She pauses to tell me her name, and to swallow my cock. What a nice introduction

Her pussy enthralls me as she is already so wet and I soak my face between her thighs, my lips tugging, licking and drinking from her wondrously responsive snatch. Later I suprise her with my quivering tongue running further south to her anus, the virgin experience sending her body into spasms of joy while my fingers at the same time press deep into her kitty to where they can urge forth the most gasps and moans of satisfaction.

Later after I can't hold back any further I don a condom and she sits ontop of me, her soaking pussy grasps hold of my cock while with her legs spread wide she swings her hips and delivers sensations I'd rarely thought imaginable. The longer I'm inside her, and the more we change positions, the more i marvel at her flexibility, the impossible becomes doable. The only constant is the magnetic hunger her slippery groin feels for my hard cock, her flexibility and creative mind brings angles and sensations I'd never imagined.

WOW! the joy of discovering a body and mind so incredibly do-able!!!!!

sassybelle21 32F
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1/8/2006 6:03 am

Lucky you

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