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10/10/2005 11:00 am

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My goodness! Sexual reality changed for me last night when I discovered that there is a fruit that is actually designed for the most amazingly fressh, erotic, tasty and non-sticky sex one can imagine.

My regular fuckbuddy paid me a visit and being a hot day I cut up some watermelon to quench our thirst in the midst of all the hard work I had planned.

Well, watermelon stays cold even after you've dragged it all over a girl's hot body, and it feels so tingly cool and awesome. I ate watermelon with her toes, her nipples, the back of her neck, her ears, her bellybutton, her cute firm arse!! Whil she was grinding away on top of me I thrust some watermelon between us cooling her clit, she moaned and wailed with pleasure and the juices lubricated us all othe more.

Then the best was, while banging her from behind just before I completely lost it and hammered her sweet butt hard against the dege of the bedinto her by, I slid a wedge of watermelon up and down her crack and a little bit into her butt-hole. She screamed with pleasure I took the watermelon chomped its cool juice and came like never before

......and that is the bed-time story for to-night ...)

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