Saturday night Nirvana  

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10/2/2005 12:16 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Saturday night Nirvana

Oh the joy of older women...I spent last night with my 50 something fuckbuddy. This girl has the cutest arse I've ever had the pleasure of banging. What makes her exceptional though is her delicious confidence and experience. She plays with her mouth and tongue over my groin as if I were a musical instrument, eliciting huge groans of pleasure from me.

She also relaxes into cunnilingus so nicely, I can start slow and play with her swollen sweet pussy for as long as I please, taking her to shuddering orgasm. She feels the smallest flick of my tongue, her body sings in harmony withe the rhythm of my tongues movement. My whole face glows with the joy of her wetness and uninhibited pleasure.

When I'm banging her from behind, smacking her lilly white ass, and scrabbling from grip, she likes me to slide my well oiled pinky finger into her arse, then she squeels with pleasure Hope my neighbours don't mind.

Oh well, enough memories of last night, i must get on with the new day.

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