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2/25/2006 10:36 pm

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Earlier in the day I dropped off a set of my house keys with a remote for the gate with my 50 something fuckbuddy. I attached a note saying that she should let herself in to my place and if she gave me some warning would find me naked, blindfolded and hard as a rock waiting for her.

Later that night I received an SMS, and donned my blindfold. Wow what a good idea. She walked in and pretended to be a stranger off of the street. Telling me that she would not tell me her name. She teased me something silly, until finally I succeded in getting her to slide onto my achingingly hard cock. What ecstacy!!

With no vision my touch and taste was aroused. I licked every part of her body with hunger. As she was pretending to be a stranger,I figured that I had nothing to lose by my licking slowly between her buttcrack and then sliding my tongue into her arse. She was so horny that her arse had loosened up a little. My tongue was able to delve quite deliciously deep while my fingers pressed from inside her pussy applying pressure against my probing tongue. To my great surprise she loved it so much that she would not let me stop, until she had had the most noisy orgasm.

Eventually she took off my blindfold...and oh what a joy, how beautiful she is, what delicious body she pleasures me with!!

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