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Out of curiosity, I wonder if among the standards (not yet graded) and upgraded golderados and silverdiggers on this site there are members who are more than clitorial-penile enviers with brain cell batteries in need of one-night stand recharge? Of the advertised thousands (some guy named Saul has fucked his thousands and then this upstart David fucks his ten thousands), is there much traffic on these blogs? (Why do I feel I am blogging to myself?) Most of the blogs I have seen here are so dreadfully boring and petty that I rather doubt any one is out there, except that guy sliding in the hot tub chat and asking for women in Arkansas.

So I will start a series for my own amusement. Anyone who wants to suggest future shifts in plot is welcome to comment. Let’s start with the proverbial warning. What you are about to read is blasphemous in Kansas (not sure people in Arkansas would know what that word means, so you can tell I am in a Red State of mind), but will fit right into the curriculum because it is all by fucking intelligent design. I guarantee this series will not evolve into a morality play. Darwin was wrong, man; just look around you and you can see we are going nowhere.

by Irreverrearend Tim Layhey

This is a guide for all of us unborn-again sinners when those non-fucking Baptists get their final RAPTURE and Jesus F. Christ comes again. (By the way, this one-third of the godhead is a bit cross that he only had one res-erection in the last 2000 years.) Hey, if you’re offended by this shit, why are you on the site in the first place. Thank you, Brother Jimmy, now please Swagger on out and just jack off. The hero is myself, LEFTY BEHIND and my sexy co-cumspirator Baby Lana, the Whore of Ronkonkoma.

Before we start you need to know some of the bloody periods (manna-menarche from heaven, baby) yet to come. We will start with the RAPTURE, endure a TRIBULATION, battle our way to
ARMORED GET-IT-ON, bathe in the BURNING LAKE OF FIRE AND BRIMSTONE COWBOYS, and ultimately settle down in the NEWJEWISHALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF HEAVEN. Along the way we shall bare witness to the anal entry of the ANTIQUECHRIST, pick up BABY LANA, the WHORE OF RONKONKOMA, fend off the WET AND DRY BEASTIE BOYS, THE HORNY SIR REPENT and DRAGON BREATH and also dally with the WISE VIRGINS (the foolish ones will be gone in the RAPTURE). It may take quite a few exegetical episodes, but watch this spot for updates over the next few days. Remember, the next posting could come at any time. Two of you or even three or four of you could be fucking in front of the screen and in the twinkling of a mouse click it will appear.


If anyone is out there, let me know where the hell you want to go first…

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