Being a Bonobo  

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11/10/2005 8:41 pm

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Being a Bonobo

As a stubborn standard member it appears this blog is my only form of communication, but for anyone interested in knowing what a bonobo is, here goes.

Our closest living relative (as a primate species) is the chimpanzee, appropriately labeled as genus Pan. We pseudo-apes on this website, myself included, last shared a common ancestor with chimps about 5 1/2 million years ago, give or take a few pecentage points in our collective DNA clock. About 2 million years ago or so two species of chimps evolved (on either side of a river, the bonobos being on the left bank or Zaire side). Chimps are all promiscuous, but bonobo chimps take it to another level. They have replaced violence with sex and sensual contact. Anything we can do or might want to do, they can do. French kissing, penis thrusting, g-g-rubs, whatever ... these are not human inventions unless they learned it from us. Now this is what I call fucking intelligent design...

Alas we did not evolve to be bonobos, but somehow those abusive bastard/bitch genes (the kind that create religions and such) come to the fore. But if we need to follow some other example, let it be bonobo.

If anyone is interested in the details (I can lecture on this stuff, but I doubt that is why people come on -- pun intended --) to this site, let me know and I will post in a flash, or is that flash in a post?

Pan paniscus

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