My near gay experience...when I was a kid  

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3/14/2006 8:54 am

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My near gay experience...when I was a kid

I never had a chance to sleep with a guy before (hopefully staying in this site will give me a chance!), but I had some near gay experiences. Here's one of them....

I remember back when I was 14 years old in high school, back then life was all fun and games. I was in a boy school so there was no chance to find any true romance with girls, and us guys weren't into homosexual relationship (during those times I wonder whether I comprehend what being gay is all about). Anyway I had a good friend name corey. He was a good friend of mine, we shared our life experiences, our likes and dislikes. Moments with him never seemed dull.

Since our homes were far away from our school, we'd hang out in our teacher's dormitary to study in between classes. Our teacher was a nice man, he offered to let us to use his place while he is off teaching his classes.

I remember it was one hot afternoon, we got bored after a few hours of study that we started to watch tv. Not sure how it started but we ended up having a pillow fight (guess our energy level was so high that we had to vent it), after groping and touching each other we ended up feeling each other crotches, which by that time our cocks were so hard that our school shorts couldn't contain them.

It wasn't long before we were so curious with each other's dicks, we pulled off each others shorts and marvelled at what was underneath. I I remember him telling me he admired my thick and long dick, while I was mesmerised by his big balls (what was I thinking!) anyway we started stroking each other, not knowing why we did it, we were in an environment where guys would just boast about fucking girls from neighbouring schools, and guys liking guys were unheard of. But somehow our instincts were telling us this was something soooo good. We did not give each other oral or have any sex, not because we didn't want to, but somehow didn't thought of it. All we cared about was to caress each other's beatiful meat.

I guess I must have been rubbing corey real good, it wasn't long before he exploded into a loud climax. It was beautiful and satisfying seeing his cum trickle over his cock. It was so exciting seeing it and the smell of the musky cum, I was on the verge of a high. Imagine what an anticlimax at that instant when we heard the dormitary door unlock. Our teacher was back! Quickly corey jumped out of the bed and ran straight into the toilet. I pulled up my pants (which was hard, considering the huge erection getting in the way), tidied up the messy bed and pretended to watch tv (which thankfully was on).

I broke in cold sweat wondering whether our teacher might have caught us doing it, but thank god he didn't. I guess the feeling of fearing being caught gave me such a thrill, so much so that night I had to masturbate myself twice in the night to contain my urge.

It was then I knew I had some gay instincts in me. And even though I am married to a beautiful lady, and having a wonderful sex life, some part of me desire a cock so badly.

So is anyone ready to satisfy my lustful urges?

ozboy57 59M
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3/15/2006 8:10 am

Hey Baby:
I really loved your story. It was so well written. It was so sweet and innocent. A boy discovering his sexuality. I liked it a lot. Your a real sweetheart. A+
Hugs Tom

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