My near gay 2  

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3/18/2006 8:15 am

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My near gay 2

Junior College was fun for me. It was a time to get out of the boys school and interact with girls. I had thought that maybe it was the overexposure of boys that made me think so much of cocks. Turns out to be wrong...

Yeah I had lots of ups and downs with girls. JC was a pretty trying time, I had to juggle with studies and handle the pressures of relationships, but things got a little easier with Collin.

Collin was a good buddy of mine during those days. He was a handsome man, with a bubbly personality and humorous outlook of life. To top it off he was in the canoeing club which made him develop a chiselled, rock hard body (oh yummy with a capital Y!).

Of course he did not lack having girlfriends, but he never failed to spend some time with me, not only because he wasn't doing well with studies and frequently needed my help, but also to chat with me every so often about relationships, outlook in life and such.

Collin was a perfect model to me, he had good looks which I lacked during those times. He had the confidence to charm anybody who is around him. I was scrawny and introverted, and I thought being with him would do me some good. It made me feel that spending time with him would put me into some limelight I had dared dreamed about.

So I made it a point to interact with him often. Hanging around with him during class was easy as he took exactly the same courses as I did. After school I would wait for him to finish his canoeing training, making up excuses of wanting to finish homework before I go home. Of course the main reason was being to spend time with him. There were times after his training I couldn't help envy his beautiful body. Whenever he took his shirt off I try so hard not to stare at his bulging pecs and abdominal muscles. There are time I would peep at his crotch, which tends to be bulging too, especially with the tight shorts he likes to wear. It wasn't long when I started to like him a lot, and that scared me a little. But I tried to tell myself maybe it's just a phase, a phase I will shake off in time.

During classes, we would have a fun time. His grades weren't so good, and with his naughty character, he was termed as the class bully. I was termed as the class nerd who the bully likes to pick on. But that didn't matter to me, that made me got closer to him even more. Everytime we would play this game where he will dare me to touch his cock, I would say no and he will grab my hand closer to it, of which I will pull away automatically. Sometimes in retaliation I will pull his hands towards my dick as a sort of revenge, he would take the opportunity to try to grab it instead, of which I would laugh and push him away. Friends of ours started to drift away after Collin and I started this bond together, and surprisingly that made me even happier.

In time, I was more yearning to be with him. I can't imagine how many times I've dreamt of wanting to be naked with him, to feel our hot sweaty bodies in contact with one another, and to feel his long and hard cock while he is enjoying mine. The times he is with his girlfriend left me with envy and frustration, while moments with him made me feel like I'm on the top of the world.

Many times I would want to tell him how I was feeling, to let him know how I yearned for him and about my lustful urges to rip him naked and savour every bit of his god-like body. Being the non-confident person I was I did not have the courage to tell him. What if he took it badly and decided not to be my friend? That would have been devastating. The conflicts were so bad at times in lecture I would just be in a blur...

"Hey..." I looked up from the confused thoughts. I was at a typical lecture, still mulling away over the painfully decision whether to disclose my true feelings...there was collin looking over with his concerned looks. "Can I tell you something?"

"Sure Collin, what's up?"

"Over the months I've developed some feelings" Collin's voice was reduced to a mere whisper. "some homosexual feelings...I have this feeling for you, how do you feel about me?"

I went numb. There I was, shocked, estatic, overjoyed, all at the same time. How should I respond to him?

(to be continued....)

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4/26/2006 11:48 pm

This is really refreshing. Never read an inside story of MLM before. Do write more and enlighten us. Cheers

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