My first time...FINALLY!  

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7/28/2006 10:51 am

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My first time...FINALLY!

I remember my experience with Horney...why shouldn't I? It's my first time!

It started off with a casual chat in AdultFriendFinder. Horney wasn't really a talking person, his replies to me were just short sentences, but all of that really didn't matter. I was orgling at the photos that he posted in the net, and I can't help wondering how wonderful it was to actually feel another man! How the taste of cock was like, and how that cock would be like ramming up my ass.

It didn't take long before I made a move to invite him out for my first time. What was I to do? I was hot, I was horny, I was ready! We didn't have our own places to go to, so horney suggested a hotel. A veteran as he was, he was quick to arrange a time at Hotel 81.

Of course I had my doubts about whether it was a good idea to meet up with a stranger, but my raging hormones (and of course my raging dick) got the better of me. I knew I had to do it. It was the moment I had been waiting for a long time.

I could remember the anxiety that I had, from driving to somewhere near the hotel, to pondering outside the hotel waiting from him to cum (wait I meant come). There were times when I wanted to back out. But it was the images of horney's naked body that drew me back.

Finally I got the message from Horney to go to the room he had booked. Yikes! my time was up, I was ready from some dick action!

As I took the elevator up, I was already getting hard, and all I could think about was that I was gonna mess it up, I was gonna cum so fast before any action can happen that it might turn out to be a disappointment!

I rang the doorbell, my mind racing so fast then halted to a sudden blank. The time was now. The door opened, and out popped a gorgeous looking man. I stopped feeling anxious and nerve wrecked, all that was left was feeling of excitement and intrigue not knowing what was next.

Horney was a friendly and a little shy. He beckoned me to come in and didn't hesitate to ask me to take a shower. I refused, only to say that I wanted to touch his hard body. I was trembling with immense joy as I ran my hands over his hard pecs. As I went down south to his jeans, it was so exhiliarating to see his hardon emerging in view. He was turned on by me!

I could sense his impatience wanting to get some real action real soon, so I obliged having that shower with him. As we took off our clothes, my eyes couldn't move away from his shaft standing in full strength.

I wasn't exactly sure whether it was the steam from the hot water, or whether it was coming out of our bodies, but it was a wonderful experience caressing horney's body while I was soaping him. Stroking his dick was the best, his moaning just keeping bringing my urge to higher levels.

As reluctant was we were to get out of the shower, we were anticipating more action on the bed. Major suck fest as we got into a 69 position. It felt good to have his long cock in my mouth, and to know how good deep throating feels. Every inch of my body was writhing in wild pleasure, as my hands were all on his hairy body, and my eyes were in constant gaze at his big balls as I was sucking him whole. Totally amazing.

I think it got really high for horney, as he started to get real excited and sucking harder till I was starting to feel pain (also a first, never thought a good suck could feel painful). At first I thought it was a good thing: maybe if I did feel some pain, it would slow down my urge to climax. Maybe it was because horney was feeling wierd why I didn't cum despite his efforts so he had to try harder? Well all that didn't matter, the sucking was getting stronger that I felt I had to stop him otherwise he will suck my cock right off!

"Fuck my ass..."

"You sure?" I could sense horney taken aback, was that what he was waiting for all along?

"Yeah, fuck me real"

Horney came prepared, he had brought with him condoms and lubricant. What was I thinking? Not prepared and asking for my ass to be fucked? I must be crazy!

I stopped thinking when horney applied lube on me. The cool feel of the lubricant left me in deep frenzy, I didn't know there were senses on the behind!

As I lay faced down, I could feel the shaft that I just had in my mouth sliding up my ass. It started off feeling stingy, but as soon as I relaxed, and it was pure pleasure all the way. All my worries of ass fucking pain seemed to disappear in a flash! As he pumped and pumped, it became increasing clear that I was moving close to a climax. Both horney beat me at it, he pulled out his dick and removed the condom, just in time to see his glorious load came popping out onto my body which was twitching with excitement.

It wasn't long before I had climaxed. But everything after that happened so fast. Maybe it was the end of a movie show and everyone was streaming out. We had our showers separately and moved out the hotel at quick speed. I offered to pay the hotel fee but he said he took care of it (how nice of him!) As I got up the lift, I asked him to take care and asked to do it again.

Well it didn't happen again, and I guess it didn't matter. I had my first, and I guess I am well geared for my second. Are you next?

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7/28/2006 11:32 am


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7/29/2006 1:01 am

Whats a good story, really turn me on. Atleast your first time is so nice but not for me. Hope to read more of you, just reading your articles, already make me horny, I wonder how is it when we in action man.

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