What does it take?  

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7/7/2006 11:59 am

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What does it take?

What does it take? hmmm. not much apparently. the ticker tape is running and the buy/sells
are coming in every minute...a tidal wave of
hotties. Tsunami of seductions. It's raining men.
Jackpot! Here we go. . .okay, now I love writing and fantasizing about everyone of you, you are all so incredibly sexy hot men.
Baby, I'm going gold!

NeverGoBack1000 59M

7/7/2006 9:39 pm

Like I always say: It's women who rule the world, despite what it says in the history books.

rm_bojwolbxx 58F

7/8/2006 10:01 pm

Yep, its been a great week. First surrounded by so many naval men on the USS Constitution, mingling with America's military elite and hugging my favorite war hero, Captain Tom. What a charming man, who laid down his life to save an african american pilot who had crashed in Korea. He wore the President's Medal of Honor, and a hero like this is saluted by the president. I have never known military men, and their strenth and discipline, their courage, their sexy uniforms, well , good thing I;m married. I met the most beautiful people this week sailing on old ironside, I was on the boat where Francis Scott Key wrote the star spangled banner, saluting the American Flag that my son hoisted with his mates, saluting the red stipes and stars, waving in the grey sky, with every flag streaming over the sailing in boston harbor with every dignitary, every boston politician for the Fourth of July sail, plus immigration ceremony, band.
I met a film maker who is making a documentary film on the USS Constitution. It's a War Ship, the first one every built for the american navy. I explored every inch of the ship, even in the hull. The bottom of the boat is made out of oak, and their were in
stones, cobblestones, in the bottom of the ship, brought over from
England. Why am I talking about this and not sex? I don't know.
The one thing I noticed about being invited to party with the elite and most respected citizens in our country, I kept my mind on the noble things, being friendly and affectionate, (hugs) but never
being hmmm how should I say, blatantly sexual. Even though there was
a sexy blonde young sailor, who recited the sailors creed to me, that will give me wet dreams for the rest of my life. Ahoy. And I'll fantasize about the artist / designer / sailor
I was with in the hull, David, who explained all the physics of the vessel and weaponry to my son and his boyscout friends, then wanted to take off his shirt and show me all his sexy tattoos, which he designed himself. Did I say yes to that? But of course, I had to peek, he did this tattoo design himself, and I respected him and did not drool over his naked torso. But I can dream about what could have been and have the fantasy lover forever. So many men, I don't know how I ever captured their eye. I think it was my spirit, so alive and in the moment, so happy. People feel this and connect with me. Even a sexy politician waved to me, and the tugboat captain and his mate smiled and waved, well, it was just playful and nice.
And feeling this respect and courtesy in Boston Harbor on that War Ship was I believe the most incredible experience in my life. I have
been inspired by an act of providence. Ordinary people like me
never get to mingle with people of this caliber, and yet, I won a lottery and was hand picked to attend this private party. I didnt have a clue. REally. I am not very worldly, but every person on that ship treated me with the utmost respect. I am not use to this but I
think I really prefer this type of company.
I asked the ship mate about what happened to the bad guys on the warship when they disobeyed command. They told me those men were whipped and flogged in the hull of the ship. Oh my how terrible, how cruel. I don't know why I am blogging all this. I wanted to tell one of my x friends, who inspired me on this site, but I am never allowed to converse with him again. NOw when I see the light, and see just
what kind of man I was dealing with, his spectrum of experience so different from my own, well, you know, i just respect that. I wish I could learn to be like a soldier, too , even though I am going to be 48 years old. What a difference in the quality of life. Well, you know
I never had someone to discipline me, or mentor me, or lead me. I never was protected, had to learn all about life the hard way, sometimes in terrible ways, sometimes in terrific ways. Yes our environment really molds our personality and character. Its nice to be exposed to the finest things in life, but not every one of us gets that opportunity. It's true. But I know one thing. I am really proud to be an American Woman, and find it fascinating that I, miss common
poor american, can be with a decorated war hero. YOu know its like the best and the worst holding each other, whispering secrets about life in each others ears, so much love, embracing the moment, making a connection that could last forever if nurtured. You know, this must happen ONLY IN AMERICA. I am an american woman. Thank God I am here,
able to choose my own destiny, be educated, and ,make my own choices.

rm_bojwolbxx 58F

7/8/2006 10:45 pm

Cinderella finally got to be queen for the day and attend the ball.
They call it being in the wedding. I have been dreaming of being a queen and being with a king, and tonight it happened. So I get to wear my corset with boobs overflowing like a turn of the century
lady, dazzling with jewels, crystals, diamonds, pearls, drinking champagne in the white limo, bar full, ( couldn't smoke a bowl in there though; I am still thinking its 1969 or something. Don't like
not being able to do what I want when I want, and I am learning to
handle things more gracefully, and dignified. However, that is not
how I really felt. But I had self control and courtesy. The king
was in the limo with my beautiful brunnette friend, the princess bride. We took lots of pictures by the old mill, and there was a water fall, lots of trees, lots of romance. I just feel so at home
in a limo, I don't know why. I just love to be waited on, and I just
get into being treated like a Queen. It brings out the best in me,
my truest noblest spirit. I am more cordial and gracious. Beats
a sixpack in an old chevy anyday, and you don't get stopped for drunk driving. That's beside the point, the king and his bride had all the finest hordeorves, (we use to call them whore overs lol), delicious juicy prime rib, salmon with dill and lemon, hmmm, salads with balsamic vinegars. And the liquor was pouring all over the place.
We danced and danced and danced and danced and danced and danced. I had so many partners. MY husband is never jealous, that's what i love about him. He lets me wander thru the crowd and enjoy everything, never controlling. He enjoys seeing me dance with all those men, and I encourage him to be with all the woman. One man was a jitterbug from the 40's and wow, could he dance. So I was honored when he danced to White Wedding by Billy Idol with me. By my request. Now,
you know not just any man could pull off that dance, but with us, it
was so sexual and natural, hitting that beat swaying my hips and rocking up against him. That man must have been 70 or 75, but boy,
IT ALL JUST CAME SO NATURALLY. Some men just have what it takes.
The matron of honor told me there are alpha men and beta men. I never
hold of that before. An alpha man is a very sexual man, raw, who wants sex and loves woman and makes her come hard. He know what he is. The Beta man I am told, is more passive. I don't care. I love all men and woman. Just love.

But I have problems with the Aryans. Even though sexually they get me aroused, just for sex, in reality I find them very cold, and, well
I don't know if I am afraid of them or if they just don't cut it for me. Here are the men who "rule the world", and yet I find alot of them really brutally cold, and barbaric. I feel bad about this.
but I cant help my impressions. There they are the brotherhood, drinking beer after beer in their cloistered clans with their aryan woman, all blondes and redheads, and I just cant put my finger on this. Maybe this crowd just didn't appeal to me because of their class. I don't know. Maybe I don't give them a chance. What is it about Aryan men anyway. I just can't figure, I may have the wrong impression. But I doubt it. On the other hand, I do respect them, and their superior intellect. I just keep wondering about these men.

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