What is Wrong with BBWs...and Older Women?  

rm_bohica91760 106M
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7/22/2006 11:16 pm

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What is Wrong with BBWs...and Older Women?

What is Wrong with BBWs...and Older Women?


Guess I am in a mood tonight (morning).

I don't get it! Every guy on this site seems to be looking for a Barbie Doll! My apologies to you guys who aren't. Why do most guys ignore the most sensual and sexual women on this site, i.e., the BBWs and older women?

Ok, maybe I'm the only guy who thinks like this. I don't know. I don't see a thing wrong with women who fit either or both of these categories!

My personal belief is that if a women FEELS sexy, she IS sexy! Even lingerie makers know this fact. Several of them have sections just dedicated to BBWs.

And as far as older women go, what is more attractive than a woman who knows she is sexy and has the experience to back it up!

I was talking with a coworker today about this site and meeting people. She had trouble believing my attitude towards meeting people and relationships. Part of the conversation got around to a woman's age and physical attributes. I had mentioned both a 55 yr old woman and a 63 yr old woman. She also wondered about size. She gave me a kind of funny look when I said that those were not the most important things. I told her it was the PERSON that counted, NOT those things. I explained to her that my ex was a BBW (had to explain that one to her too! LOL!) and had a real problem believing that I found her (my ex) to be sexy. I had told her that "sexy" was between the ears! If she believed she was sexy, then she WAS sexy!

She asked me if I could marry a woman in her sixties. I said that I could not honestly answer that question until I met the woman in question. I said that if things went right and we hit it off, etc., then yes, it WAS possible. And that the same applied to a BBW.

She then tried to set me up with another co-worker. Didn't work. She thought I was too young (45) for her (55). Oh well, her loss, hehe. I did mention that she had a nice butt, which she DID like! LOL!

Guys, if you are leaving out either of these groups of women, you are losing out in my book. There are way too many damn nice women who fit into one of these categories, and you are doing yourself and them an injustice by discriminating against them.

Just a note FYI: My Cupid settings have ALL body sizes checked and my age preferences set at 35-65. That is by NO means a set limit, in EITHER direction. Just a means of keeping the matches down to a level I can actually sort through, Hehe!

catkit13 66F

7/22/2006 11:49 pm

hi, again - 56 y/o cat here, agreeing with you but only to a certain extent . . . depends on how you define "old," i think - and i think i'm NOT

DixieKitten39 50F

7/23/2006 3:46 pm

Hey there sexy! I agree 100%. Most men out there just overlook us bbw's. They won't even consider being with a bigger than "barbie" person. HaH! They don't know what they are missing! If they would check the statistics of today's world on the weight of men and women, they would find that us BBW's are taking over the world!!! lol(in a matter of speaking). They also don't consider that most bbw's have better personalities, better quality of living, and a better view of the world than most people. We take things as they are, not as we want them to be. Thanks for shouting this out. ~bye~

rm_1dee4u 60F
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7/27/2006 5:05 pm

I feel that I can honestly reply to this considering I am a BBW myself. I go right past those guys that don't consider the BBWs at all!!! They want fit, athletic, skinny, bony chics. Kewl..., great for them. lol I wonder what their mental state is: neurotic, bolemic, anorexic..., and so on.

Just wanted to add my 'two cents' today. lol

cherrybomb72401 49F

7/30/2006 11:31 pm

It is so nice to find a man who enjoys BBWs, as well as other women. Being a BBW is difficult in todays society where Barbies are the "in" thing. Men that fall into the Barbie category of acceptable women have no idea what a good caring BBW is all about. They really need to open thier eyes and experience us.


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